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  1. hi, I have been on spiro for about a year now. At first mine stopped as well. they did begin again, but have been VERY light most months and without being too graphic quite dark. Occasionally, (every 3-4 months) I have a slightly heavier more normal period. i have spoke to my derm and gyno and they have both said it is an effect of the medicine but they are not concerned that it will do any harm. That said. If you have any concerns I would encourage you to talk to your doctors. Though this
  2. My derm told me that Yaz and Spiro work in conjunction with each other. I took Yaz for about 2 years before Spiro. The addition made a world of difference. I am blemish free except for the week prior to my period and even then I get 2-3 small pimples. It is a far cry from my starting point. Go for the Spiro and don't get discouraged if it doesn't help right off. They increased my dosage progressively to 200 mg a day before I got to this point. So just be positive and always discuss concerns wit
  3. N-jin-ear

    yaz and spiro

    I am on both. Have been for a good while now. No issues. Still get a TINY breakout around my monthly, but that's one or two tiny spots compared to a face full, so yeah, it's working for me.
  4. Hi there, Thanks for your reply. I have been trying for two days now to get my doctor to call me back. I stopped taking the Spiro, but still don't feel right – very lethargic, almost flu-like, but that's not quite it. Honestly, I have never felt this way before, it's not a feeling I can attribute to anything. And if it's dehydration, boy that's a lot of water I'll have to drink! I already feel like I'm peeing 24/7. This is very frustrating because if I knew these were short term side effec
  5. What do you want your makeup to do? I have thankfully gotten to where I have just a few stubborn pimples and cysts. So the biggest thing I need is something to even out the tone. I have redmarks and dark splotches. What makeup do you love? Since I have rediculously sensitive skin in most areas I am a big fan of all of the Almay products. The two I use the most are the anti-persperant and the Line Smoothing foundation. http://www.almay.com/pg/main/catcol.aspx?c...Dry&col=223 Pros? Since i
  6. Awww, because I have a propensity towards utis... and no lube = more utis... ewwww...
  7. I haven't noticed any effect on sex drive, however I have noticed a reduction in 'lubrication'. Any good lube can cure that though.
  8. I'm a big fan of the Almay Line Smoothing Foundation. http://almay.com/pg/main/catcol.aspx?catid...Dry&col=223
  9. My derm is being pretty aggressive as of late. Most of what I use is prescription or by reccomendation from the derm. AM ---- Wash with Cetaphil daily cleanser Mimyx cream on dry flaky spots (angels of nose, around eyes, upper lip and chin usually) Clean & Clear Dual Action Oil Free Moisturizer all over Almay line smoothing foundation Spirinolactone Nicomide Yaz Lunch -------- Solodyn PM ------ Wash with Cetaphil daily cleanser Differin Gel 0.3% Mimyx Cream all over Nicomide Like I sa
  10. N-jin-ear

    the pill

    A little late, but I am on Yaz. I have dark blotches, mostly on the forhead near the hairline. I've been on several different types and it has always been the same. It's really not that apparent unless you're looking for it. I'm much more worried about the acne.
  11. Well, hopefully with venting you feel at least a little better. And you're right, you're feelings are completely valid. We've all felt that way at some point. I'm 27 and still come tears every once in a while over it. It's just like anything else in life, if you haven't really been there, you can't just dismiss it. Now on that same note, you have to grasp that they really don't understand and they are just trying to help you deal with something that is very difficult. Unfortunately it is one of
  12. My derm recomended and even gave me a sample of the Daily Facial cleanser for Normal to Oily. I love it. My skin is like yours. Dry some days, greasy the next. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!
  13. Yeah it's like trying to solve a fuckin' Rubik's cube.
  14. Yeah, I don't believe masturbation causes acne, but I think the frequency of our sexual desires we feel inside is somewhat like a mirror to how high our hormones are? Something like that.
  15. This may have been asked, but this is a long thread and well, I'm kind of lazy. I know with Solodyn you are not supposed to take multivitamins for 2 hours before or after. Does the same go for Fish Oil? I bought some this week and I'm planning on starting it this weekend, but I wasn't sure if it would effect absorbtion of the Solodyn. THanks!
  16. Actually no, i don't. She's like dealing with a kid. We just let her run herself into the ground and keep quiet on MOST things (but not all). That way when she's bad mouthing us to his daughter it just makes her look that much worse. We actually think she may be bi-polar, not that she would ever see a doc. Anyway, she's not a normal person. She can be very very hateful. She has feelings, but apparently no one else does. (including her own kid) She's not the brightest bulb in the pack. It's not e
  17. Sounds like rough stuff, but I wouldn't necessarily swear off of all BCP. There really is a large variation between brands. I've been through several types, but have settled on Yaz. I also tried Ortho TriCyclen Lo, but it was not a high enough dose of hormones for me and threw thigns way out of wack. Be careful and aware, but don't be scared. Just remember to speak up, you're doctor can help you through it. It is very common to go through several types of BCPs before finding a good fit. Just
  18. I was just wondering if anyone had used aloe vera while they were using differin. If so, when? Before differin or after? and did you mix it with a moisturizer or just straight aloe? Thanks!