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  1. hmmm...yeah. i did notice that the skin is dry when you use bp. would using enough moisturizer counteract this? i'm 21 and i'm afraid that continous use of bp would accelerate the aging of my skin. i do not really have much acne except for occasional breakouts when stressed i.e. final exams but bp does help keep the skin clear.
  2. anyone have any idea if using benzoyl peroxide and using other topical agents would have any interaction? i'm currently using whitening essence on my skin and have used benzoyl peroxide a year ago which gave me good results but i stopped after a couple of months. i'm planning on using benzoyl peroxide again. do i have to stop using the whitening essence?
  3. if you don't use moisturizer...after a while, your skin will look wrinkly, drought like and old.
  4. OK! thanks! i'll research more and report Sirs and Ma'ams!!! 8)
  5. i read from Mary Ellen's beauty tip book that bp prevent acne, especially pimples. but to eliminate whiteheads and blackheads, she suggests using salicylic acid in the morning and bp at night. anyone have any ideas on this? dan, can we incorporate this,...or is your regimen still better? oh, this is my second week...no new acne!! yey!! the old ones get bigger..then disappear...very cool..some parts of my face are still very very dry though.
  6. hmmm..mine seems to darken too...
  7. oh, i found this too... The bacterium Propionibacterium acnes, (P. acnes for short) is a regular resident of all skin types; it’s part of the skin’s natural sebum maintenance system. Once a follicle is plugged, however, P. acnes bacteria multiply rapidly, creating the chemical reaction we know as inflammation in the follicle and surrounding skin. hmm..therefore..our skin must always have an unplugged follicle?!!
  8. p. acnes is said to be irregular non-spore forming rods. so, try finding something that is rod shaped? oh, i'll get my books and reread them once my exams are over. you should know what kind of stain to use to see them under the microscope right? i'll tell you as soon as i find out. where do you conduct your experiment? at school? hmmm...maybe the reason why erythromycin didn't work was because it is volatile? and during the process of applying it to the p. acnes, it volatilized? what about t
  9. hmmm... now that i think about it.. p. acnes is anaerobic. bp works by pulling Oxygen in the skin. benzoyl is an aromatic compound capable of penetrating the molecular layers of the skin. much like how nicotine could penetrate and stay in our lungs because it's made of lots of aromatic rings. hmmm...since bp pulls oxygen into the skin...then the p. acnes couldn't survive!!! now, we need to know if it's cocci or what...i'll try to read up on that... trotsky...i think the reason why you get a lot
  10. hmm..hi! i'm a pharmacy student and had some backround in microbiology and parasitology. i would like to suggest....why don't you try getting some skin tissue by scraping dead skin cells off a person who has acne and one without. inoculate it in seperate agar plates..and incubate it. then see if the skin tissue sample from a person that doesn't have acne has p. acnes. i'm not so sure about this experiment..though it's worth a try.! oh, tell me what happens if you go through with it... goodluc
  11. hi, started the regimen last dec. 3. my skin is dry now although i moisturize. there is discoloration too...there are parts that are red-brown and other parts that are skin tone. i'm doing this regimen to get rid of whiteheads... is the discoloration normal? also...how long before it goes away? please help!!! thanks!!!
  12. hi, i was thinking of starting this regimen too ..but i'm not so sure. is it true that bp could discolor clothes...my friend said all of her dark colored clothes turned somewhat orange. i'm worried because my uniform is white. it would be odd if it turns orange. also, will bp turn my hair to a lighter shade? my hair is black..so it'll also be funny if i suddenly have lighter hair near my face. please help!!!!
  13. oh, i was just asking where you were able to buy panoxyl. was it from mercury drug? hmmm...nu skin is very very expensive.. i read somewhere on this forum...something like..that other brand names are ok as long as the active ingredient is benzoyl peroxide 2.5%
  14. haven't been able to go out lately..have you tried pcx stores in SM or robinson's? how about the beauty bar in glorietta? hmmm...health and beauty at sm? it's so hard to find these things!!! what do you use for cleanser and moisturizer?