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  1. Wow... so nobody knows yeah? My lip is slowly getting worse and i feel even more fucked up than i did before starting the med. Atleast i had fucking normal lips. I feel like a freak going out and i am seriously considering stoppping accutane just because of this one fucked up side effect. Sorry for my bad language but i am very annoyed and depressed.
  2. I made an account just to ask this as i cannot seem to find an answer online and my useless derm doesen't know either. I started on accutane well over a month ago and at first my lips were fine, they were not dry the first couple of weeks and everything was going smooth. some time after my lips started to get dry and chapped so i started using vaseline on them which works well, but i started to notice that my upper lip was getting pink discoloration. I have to mention that i am of south asian