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  1. Yes! That's what majority of my skin was!
  2. Hey All, Yes, I know it’s been a month, but one bloody grouse month for my skin!! I have honestly never been happier or confident with my skin!!! It is looking fresh, smooth and overall just glowing. I can honestly say that sticking to a routine is a must with your face!!! Since I don’t really put anything on my face during the day, I have come to the conclusion that my face is definitely “oily” based. So with this, I tend to use products oil-free which has helped. So 9/10 months in on
  3. Hey Girls, My skin is feeling refreshed and amazing lately!!! Though last week I was having a few issues with it. Because I went to the “Hot Springs” on the weekend (which was absolutely beautiful), I really wanted my skin to feel and look clear! So throughout the week before hand, I drenched my skin every night with ‘Epiduo’ and ‘Clindatech’! As dry and red as my skin was by Thursday, I managed to get it to a soft and normal blemished tone. I felt more confident than ever. Now, Friday morn
  4. Hello Girls, Just touching base on my journey. So far so good. I have continued doing the daily/ nightly routine as well as including the 'Witch Hazel Face Pads' within the routine. Honestly, having this product as a toner has been a God send. It makes my face feel refreshed and clean. I put it over/ under everything I do with my face. For example, after I wash my face, I cleanse my face the 'Witch Hazel Face Pads' and then continue the rest of my routine. As well as this, before I put on my
  5. Hey Girls! Me again, just commenting on this post because what I’m posting relates to the above post. I GOT ANOTHER BLIND PIMPLE! Omg I don’t get it!!! That’s 3 in 3 weeks! Why?? It’s honestly so frustrating!!! As much as my above regieme has worked, does anyone have any remedies that makes them go flat...like overnight???
  6. Hey Girls, Hope you're all well. STRESS is the key factor to large pimples!! I've finally noticed this a great deal. Those last couple of weeks before I wrote my last blog (BLOG TEN), I had various blind pimples (will also discuss later in the blog the best way to remove them), and I am almost certain it was due to stress. I had mountains of work to do for university which was causing me soooo much stress...resulting in pimples. Another way that I have realised that stress is definitely re
  7. Hello Girls, Wow! It's been such a long time since I've posted, so I'm very sorry about that. Life is basically insane at the moment, university, two jobs and just trying to keep my head afloat has been super difficult. Along side this, I've been sick, with the flu, a few times which has set me back with university work, so only recently am i starting to get back on track. Anyway, regarding my skin... it's about 85% there, I'm super happy, but I still think improvements need to be made! M
  8. Hello Girls, I know it's only been a week since I've posted, but I did something magical during this week... I WENT FOR A FACIAL! Can I just say, I was so so nervous going into it, only because I've heard it's common to break out after a facial because the uncleanliness in your skin removing itself from under the skin to which can create the pimples. Though, this was not the case for me, at all. I had a lovely beauty therapist who examined my skin and only used products suitable for my skin. I
  9. Hey Girls, Yesterday I just started my 6th packet of Estelle 35 ED Pill! And can I just say that my skin is looking amazing. I honestly couldn't be happier at this stage. It's not completely clear and I'm still getting the occasional large pimple, but they're easily dealt with. Cannot wait to see the skin in a few months time. My boobs have defineltly grown bigger, I know this because I've had to go out and buy other bras... which is awesome! Though in a recent newspaper article, I've rea
  10. Hey Girls, I'm so sorry I haven't been posting. I finished university exams a couple weeks ago and it's been a few weeks of celebrations so it's taken me away from writing a blog, though I have been checking up on the blog to see if there have been any quieries or comments and what not. Anyway, back to what this blog is about...can I just say, I cannot believe the progress my skin has made. It's not by all means perfect, but it is on its way to looking awesome! I'm getting back my confidenc
  11. Hey Girls, Sorry I haven't posted a blog recently, I've been super busy and stressed with university assignments and exams... but they're over now, time to relax. I've noticed since I've last posted that the stress that comes with university related work creates... yes you guessed it... more pimples! Yay, hooray! Honestly starting to get impatient now, but I'm honestly still clinging onto hope and sticking to my daily and nightly routine/ regime. My skin has somewhat cleared up, but, like
  12. Hey Girls, Just thought I'd touch base, more so with the pill! So I am two active pills in on my fourth packet. Since I've started I've not really had many side effects. When you start taking 'Estelle 35 ED' you'll come across these side effects (EVERYBODY IS DIFFERENT): Tender and/or painful breasts with or without secretion Gastric upsets Headache Feeling depressed Libido changes Reduced tolerance to contact lenses Feeling or being sick Any ch
  13. Hey Girls, Basically, it's my time of the month and my food cravings have gone crazy (always do) ... and this means, my face (to me) doesn't feel any better, but I am starting to see improvements regardless, and my family and friends have also started to realise some minor changes (baby steps guys, baby steps). Anyway, due to my impatience (as described in a previous blog), I am now on 'Minocycline' twice a day (morning/ breakfast and night/ dinner) as well as 'Estelle 35 Pill' (at exactly
  14. Hey Girls, So it's been just over a week since I've last posted. During the time frame from then and now...I did get a little impatient with my skin unfortunately. I decided to go to my GP and maybe get a referral to a dermatologist just to get clarification on what exactly my pimples are. After consulting with my doctor, he informed me that me skin wasn't that terrible to get a referral to a dermatologist (which was quite relieving to hear), but what he did prescribe me was the antibioti
  15. Hey Girls, Just thought I'd touch in and let you all know the nightly routine I have put in place. In the past, I've always worn makeup and have never really let my skin breathe. Since recently, I have decided to completely give up on makeup during the week and only wear it for special occasions. Though when I remove my makeup, I used to use facial cleanser wipes...which really flared up my skin and irritated it, so for the past 3 months, I've decided to change and remove my makeup with c