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  1. I recommend Deep Sleep CD by Glenn Harrold. Do a search on amazon and you'll see. From what i hear, it has cured lots of insomniacs. with hypnosis, you can rely on sleeping naturally as opposed to relying on an external source (diets, pills) to get you to sleep. take care
  2. In the makeupalley.com review sections, there seems to be lot of people raving about the aspirin masks. My question is this, does it ACTUALLY REALLY HEAL the scars and EVEN OUT or does it just TEMPORARILY make you look good? suppose acne wasn't a problem and you only interested in dealing w/ scars and uneven tone. and supposed you looked good from the aspirin mask... would YOU LOOK BAD IF YOU STOPPED IT? For example, my skin always seemed to look clearer in the morning and also after I t
  3. I don't always agree with the 21 day idea. When you want to change, you have to mentally prepared to do it, not just physically prepared to do the actions. Changing the action does NOT always lead to changing the mental thinking. A person after two months of not smoking can still have nicotine cravings. A person after two months of dieting and even losing weight, still having sugar cravings A person after two months of avoiding alcohol still longs for it. What is worst is that their addictio
  4. I tried accutane and it cured me for a year... then my acne came back. the only side effects i experienced when i took it was hair thinning and bleeding nose
  5. I have big recommendation for Glenn Harrold. He is a successful hypnotherapist in the UK. His stuff is available at amazon.com or audible.com In my senior year of high school 2002, I had a severe breakout (over 80 + pimples) that really hurt me emotionally. The thing, even though my skin has improved immensely since, I had alot of emotional scars from everything that has happened that year and it lasted for years. I was desperate to get out of my "inferiority complex" thinking so I tried hyp
  6. CLEAR SKIN i've spent thousands of dollars on acne treatments and it never gave me clear skin.
  7. I was taking a look at another acne forum and apparently somebody else also used broccoli pills to cure their acne. this link: http://www.soulcysters.net/my-acne-cured-173733/ However, the person claimed that the pills helped absorb iodine. There's a lot of discussion on the boards with acne-iodine relations, so I thought maybe somebody could further verify and discuss this and how broccoli pills fits into the picture.
  8. good post. I have a question though: was your dad skinny or fat? was he the skinny-fast metabolism type? I have always thought that acne was an symptom that a person was unhealthy. A lot of people, not all, but a lot who have acne seem to share the traits of being skinny and having a fast metabolism. Obviously, fat people get heart attacks because obviously of the fat the clogs up their artery. I'm thinking that acne is the same as fat, except that it shows up in our faces instead of our b