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  1. Thanks for the useful info everyone! Honestly I've just started looking into online pharmacies to try and save because my premiums are going up in 2019. (Plus I'm in the same boat as a few of you where a lot of acne meds are not covered at all and super expensive to buy in the US) Overall, your experiences have been pretty good? (just taking a look through the links that were left) Are there any that offer discount too for buying 90-120 day supplies?
  2. It's really a case by case basis. I'd check with a doctor/dermatologist, even though it's going to be expensive. They are going to know best, and quite frankly, Accutane is a really nasty drug - I wouldn't mess around with it. It's better to just consult a specialist, get an answer and stop if they think it's ok.
  3. It's going to depend on a case by case basis I think (skin type, dosage, etc.), but I had moderate to severe acne before starting Accutane, and then after the first 3 months it started to clear. I started on a pretty high dosage (75mg I think), and it the first 2-3 months resulted in a lot of breakouts (not continuous but regular). It calmed down after that, but still happened periodically. Get some good chapstick. It's going to become your best friend. As a guy I can't really comment on the m
  4. Really depends on case per case. I had a hard time tanning while on it, tended to burn super easy instead. I was on a pretty high dose (I think it was like 75mg, but it was a long time ago). Be careful with it if you try, Accutane tends to leave your skin super super sensitive.
  5. Sadly, I don't think the scars are going to go away. Accutane doesn't really take care of that persay (didn't for me at least). But typically in the last few months of the regimen, things start to clear up significantly. I took it for almost a year, and the last 3-4 months were very very clear, compared to the first 6. As numberone said, it's a slow process.
  6. Check out Sea Breeze Astringent. Worked well for me.