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  1. I've seen trends come and go on this site and a significant factor here is that treatment may be best developed for an individual's lifestyle, environment, and family genetics. I have yet to see a touted benefit be a cure all on here...even for a small proportion of participants. But juicing is always great
  2. http://images.memegenerator.net/instances/500x/9188807.jpg
  3. I've had about two gallons of 2% milk in the last four days, and my skin is A-OK!
  4. Just regurgitating things that many people have covered over the years, but a: consistent sleep schedule moderate/healthy diet weekly exfoliation with a soft sponge (and a great attitude/not thinking about acne) has made my skin "clear". And by clear I mean it looks normal from talking distance, minus a few non-inflammed bumps or read marks, but normal. Sure there are red-spots on occasion during stress, but it's phenomenal the change. I cannot stress the exfoliation part. Highly recommend t
  5. Yeah man, it would be HILARIOUS if it weren't true.

    Rules 1 & 2, also stop posting memes on here, not cool.

  6. Hahaha @ the 'newfriend' comment, I got it (unlike most people...if not all).

    pretty funny

  7. Before and after photos, and don't jump to conclusions.
  8. Did you take the surface area of your face that's clear, divided by the total amount of facial surface area to get 90%?
  9. Good stuff sticking to the basics What powder are you using? There is pea protein, soya protein and brown rice protein. ( f you dont consume dary) Combine the pea protein and brown rice protein and its just as effective as whey. I know lots of people stick with whey but it can aggravate a lot of people acne wise. Straight up whey isolate - sweetened with stevia - chocolate mint. It's really good, and it was recommended on here. Oh I want to add I drink a 1qt bottle of plain kefir usually tw
  10. Too many people throw around the word clear as their status, which in my opinion is blemish free skin and highly unlikely. Anyways, I have blackheads on my nose, and a few on my forehead, but in terms in visibility, my face appears extremely clear to the point that it looks clear from afar. I was NOT doing anything special either...I just changed my habits and didn't worry about it. So since January this is what I've done, kept doing consistently, and not even high-sugar/fiber free meals mess