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  1. If it looks like an infected cut then it's infected. But it's hard to say without a picture. Do you mean that it's still inflamed around the edges?
  2. Do you touch your face a lot throughout the day?
  3. Nice and healthy with occasional chocolate pudding. :D
  4. I started a new regimen of using the baby brush method, using Cetaphil to wash and aloe to moisturize. At first, the inflammatory acne diminished and I experienced an increase in non-inflammatory acne. Now the inflammatory is back and worse than previously. I've been on this regimen a week. I also take fish oil. Anyone experience this and did you alter your regimen?
  5. Ice will give you temporary relief from pain and redness. A warm compress will promote healing. If these spots are large, painful, and are indeed noticeably warm, you might want to see the dermatologist.
  6. This is interesting. I would hypothesize that the level of oil production of your skin can be slightly altered by changing the pH of your skin. The sebum produced by skin would have it's own pH level and might be the only way your skin could change the surface pH. Should the pH be off, sebum production may be altered (either less or more produced) in an attempt to bring the skin's pH level back into what your body's desired level is. It would be an interesting experiment.
  7. I was wondering if anyone has found a good self tanning lotion for acne sufferers? I should stay out of the sun if only because skin cancer runs in the family. But I'd like to get that light sun kissed glow. I saw something made by Jergens that's a moisturizer with a light self tanner mixed in. But I won't use it if it's bad for my skin. I recently started a new regimen so maybe I should wait. I'm not confident in picking out moisturizers that won't clog my pores (despite what the pack
  8. I'm on my second day of this regimen. I'm trying to exfoliate only once per day, but twice a day is tempting for me since I want to be doing something about my acne. My patience runs thin these days. In the mornings I use cetophil cleanser, per recommendations of the board I've gathered through reading, while using the brush. I have a gentle nonalcoholic astringent I use after washing which does not sting or tighten my skin. I moisturize with aloe vera. At night, I cleanse without the br
  9. how long were you on retin a, it can make your skin red and flaky for the first few months, which causes many people to give up too quickly, but if you stick with it your skin can improve lot.
  10. I'm 28 now. I've had acne, moderate to severe, since I was 10. It's on my face, back, chest, and upper arms. I saw a dermatologist while in middle school and had creams to try. Retin-A I think it was. It did nothing for the acne except make my skin peel. I gave up as the derm simply shrugged. I tried another derm who put me on Accutane while I was in high school. My acne became worse while taking it. Once I went off, it went back to it's normal thing in being moderate to severe. That was