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  1. Hi, can you give an opinion on how often I can alternate the Jessner peel, TCA peel, and the Derminator? Should I do there Derminator in between the peeks? I want to make sure I am giving my skin enough time to heal. Thanks much!!
  2. I should have asked you this also. How do I tell the difference between the acne scars and large pores? Thanks you!
  3. Thank you so much!! You are awesome!!
  4. I love Wayne Goss! Do you think there is a better way to get my posts viewed? You seem to be the only one who responds to my posts, which I appreciate so much! I was hoping people who might have the same issues would share their routines or suggestions. Am I better off just commenting on others' posts in hopes of getting responses? As you can tell I have never been part of a forum before do I do apologize for all the questions. Thanks you for your patience! Do you know how many laye
  5. Hi, would I be better off just seeing if I can return the suction tool and the single needles? I do have the Jessner and TCA peels. In your opinion would I do a peel, a month later do another peel, then the Derminator? I'm not sure of the order or how long to wait in between. I have been doing 1.75 on my cheeks on medium speed for a 6 inch so an on my cheeks which was about 20 minutes. I am wondering because of all the textures in my skin if I should be using 2.0 or 2.25. Any opinions?
  6. Can someone tell me what kinds of scars these are? I have had them for almost 30 years now. Thanks.
  7. When you say derm do you mean a dermatologist or something that can be done at home as in Dermaroller or Dermastamp? Thanks!
  8. What, in your opinion, are the single needles for the Derminator machine good for?
  9. I have read the manuals at Own.com and they talk about using a single needle before suctioning. I cannot tell if they are talking about the single needle on the Derminator or a Dermaroller or a Dermapen. I gave the Derminator and I gave single needles. Can I use this and how would it be used to get ready for suctioning? I don't have a Dermaroller or Dermapen and I am afraid I might have bought the suction device and can't use it. Any help is appreciated!!
  10. I have been told to use Hibiclens and alcohol. I have only used the 9 needles because I use it on both of my cheeks so a single wouldn't be useful for me. I hope this helps! Good luck!
  11. Hi. Can you tell me how to alternate TCA peels and the Derminator? Thanks, Cheryl
  12. So, I found the information about the TCA peels. I ordered one plus a Jesse (I think that is the spelling). At what intervals should I do these? Also, what is meant by a 'pass'? Thanks again!
  13. Sorry, I have never been in a forum before. I don't see your signature so I am not sure where to check. Are these peels something that have to be done by a doctor? Also, the way I posted my previous 2 posts can everyone see them or could just you? I thought my skin was clean. I washed it and used the Copper Peptides. I will buy what you said. What does it mean to do passes over the skin? Someone suggested not moving get the machine so the needles will focus on one spot at a tim
  14. Hi. I am pretty new to this. I did my 3rd treatment on Wednesday and it looked like I had little pimples all over my face and it felt rough and dry. The little pimples went away but it made me really nervous. I have one of those electronic jewelry cleaners and would like to use it to clean my cartridge. What would I use to disinfect it? I cannot afford to only use the needle a couple of times so I need to get it really clean. I can't afford to get treatments at a doctor. Do you t
  15. Thanks for responding. The reason I used the Copper Peptides was because it mentions it in the instructions what to use to have the machine glide over your skin. A toothbrush is a great idea. What can I use on the toothbrush to clean the needles? My skin looks better than yesterday. I'm just wondering if I did something wrong. Thanks!
  16. Hi, I have used my Derminator 3 or 4 times now. I used the Copper Peptide Serums I bought with the machine and could of hours before needling. I used fast at 1.50 with the timer on 1:23 minutes. My face is still very red and now it looks like I have small white pimples. Did I do something wrong?? I find it very hard to clean the needle with a Qtip because the cotton sticks to the needles. I soak it in alcohol. Does anyone else clean it like this? Any help is much appreciated!!