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  1. hey Lindseym, I was wondering if you noticed any major differences between your first and second round of accutane? I'm on my second round after three years and I noticed I'm breaking out a lot faster this time. My skin is also SO dry and my lips are extremely chapped and i'm only on my second week. My first round of accutane I never experienced dry lips and it took a while before I had an IB. I'm worried that since my skin is thinner and less oily after my first round of accutane that my skin
  2. Hey everyone! I'm on 10mg of accutane and I was wondering if it's OK for me to get a tattoo while I'm on a low dose of accutane? If someone can please let me know if they have personally experienced getting a tattoo while on accutane or any information on whether or not it's safe would be great. A little about my acne history: It's only been a couple of weeks since I've started accutane. This is my second time on accutane for persistent mild acne. The first time I was on accutane was
  3. Age: 21 Sex: F Dosage: 20mg for 6months Acne: Moderate Years of acne - from 14years old to before accutane The only thing I regret was waiting until my 20's to take accutane because i was too scared too after hearing the "horror" stories. Accutane gave me my life back, I don't know how to express how grateful and serious i am when i say that. I used to be obsessed with my skin and afraid to do things/see people because of my breakouts. I've been on many many kinds of antibiotics long term (wh
  4. Hey oli girl, you mentioned you tried taking cherry juice concentrate, has accutane ever caused insomnia for you? Also, what is the cherry juice supposed to do?>
  5. What are the vitamins supposed to do? Also, there's no way to prove accutane caused my insomnia but there's no other explaination. This isn't just regular insomina, this is this pretty severe as I go to school without sleep when i AM dead tierd. I'm exhaused but my brain wont signal for me to sleep. It's very fustrating, it feel like im missing somthing in my brain when trying to sleep. I know that stress can cause insomnia but there's really not enough stress in my life to cause insomina at t
  6. I was on accutane for 6 months, 20mg. I just finished my course not too long ago. During the the last 4 months of accutane my insomnia got progressively worse. It got to to the point where i go to school without sleeping at all and I would pull all nighters to college. It's ridiculous! I can sleep only when I'm exhausted and about to passout. This isn't ALL the time but it happens 80% of the week. I can't concentrate as much as before and my memory is pretty bad due to the lack of sleep. I kno
  7. HEY... I really need accutane user's help! Since I started accutane, whenever i get a cyst and it starts to heal, it only shrinks in size. It's still red but it does NOT hurt - before it used to flatten out and i'd get a red mark or something but how i have these little ugly red little bumps on my face where the cysts was that wont go away - are they scars??? Why aren't they going away/flattening out ??? I'm freakingg out - please help!! Did this happen to anyone else?
  8. Hey! I'm happy that you have clear skin now... i know exactly how you feel about not wanting to go to school because of your skin. I started accutane in Augest - 10mg. I recently got bumped up too 20mg and i'm breakingg outtt.. I feel like CRAP. While on accutane, Did you ever notice that when you get a cyst (those big pimples that really hurt) after a while they'll shrink but it doesnt flatten out? A few places where I got cysts, it shrank but it never flatten out into a red mark. It's jus
  9. Hello, I've been on accutuane for over a month now and my back in breaking out like crazy. The thing is, I've NEVER had acne on my back! Occasionally I'd get one or two pimple on my back but never more then that. Now i have full on acne on my back, Wth is this? Has this happened to nayone else on accutane? I don't know what to expect or what this means. Please help!
  10. Thanks for the reply guys! I'm a month in accutane and my blackheads looks so gross i'm self concious ppl think i dont wash my face lol I understand that accutane is pushing the gunk out but how looooong is this process going to take? Someone said 1.5 months it;ll started to look up from there soo should i expect next month the blackheads should be dropping off? lol i know everyone is differnt but i guess i just wanna know the average time the blackheads will start dissapearing
  11. Is it just me or is Accutane is making my blackheads more visible? I have blackheads in places I;ve never even had blackheads before - WHY? It's grossing me out. Can someone please tell me when/how long it takes for these blackheads to go away because I feel like crap THANKSSS !!!
  12. so it's normal that skin/hair/lips are not dry at all right now? I'm just afraid this means it's not working for me
  13. It's my first time and month on accutane - 10g (I weigh between 115-120 pounds). I'm approx 3 weeks in. So far I've seen no changes. I'm still breaking out but nothing more or less then I've been getting usually. My skin is only very slightyyy less oily so it still is pretty oily overall, plus my hair. My lips aren't even dry! So I'm wondering, Does this mean that 10g is too low for me or does do i just need to stay on it longer to get in my system to see results/changes (like less oil, break
  14. So I did my first Lactic peel (40% from puredeming.com) and I didn't feel any burning what so ever... maybe like itchy burning but barely. After leaving the acid on for 6 min or so I washed it off. My face was a bit pink but after 10 min it was gone. I don't see any difference with my skin so far... My question is, since I didn't have any reaction to the acid, can I use this peel more often then once a week? Also, is it safe to alternate Lacic peel with Glycolic Acid (30% from puredeming) I w
  15. I've been on Doxy since end of Dec... soabout 5/6 months. it's never cleared my skin 100% but it did help me stay about 85% clear... but now im breaking out again... and it's pretty bad too. im not sure if this is due too having my sleeping patterned changed since i started summer school or if this means doxy has stopped working? cuz i litterly woke up with like 5 pimples in one day, like wth. this really sucks ... im breaking out again and i started in school... worst timing ever, FML. helpp.