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  1. Hello everyone. Basically, I have 2 small beauty marks(completely flat, not like a mole)g right next to each other on the left side of my face(on the cheek bone area), which add a little zing to my otherwise plain face. Recently, a large cyst developed right under them and after a few days it came to a head which was big enough to encompass both marks. While gently washing my face, it popped and after treating the area I noticed that both my beauty marks were gone. I'm guessing when it ruptured,
  2. Good post, but yea...cystic sucks. I just had a flare up that's slowly going away, just not fast enough. For the first time in over a year, I had to starve myself today because I didn't want to go outside. I was driving back home and since I hadn't eaten anything for breakfast, I wanted to stop by and get some Subway. I pull into the parking lot and find a spot and drive right in, the car is still on but I take my seat belt off and as I'm opening the door and about to get out, I just happen to
  3. I had considered Accutane as well but later on in High School I met a good guy friend of mine who was balding really badly. I've seen younger people with thinning hairlines so thought nothing of it, but one day I asked him why it was like that and he told me he took Accutane and bye bye went his hair. It's getting worse and worse every year(he had a decent amount in High School, now he might as well go completely shaved). He was taken off of it at the first signs of considerable hair loss in the
  4. I read the website and it says: Morning: Wash face with cleanser, then use just the sun shield day lotion. Night: Wash face with cleanser, apply the Overnight Acne Control lotion. Hope it helps, oh and I wanted to mention one more thing to you since you're into Neutrogena products and this may help you as it did for me. Neutrogena has this new product line called SkinID and it's completely different than the other market items because you fill out a survey and they take your answers and give y
  5. I was on Proactiv for all of 2 weeks. But that's just because I thought it was all I could do, until my Mom saw how horrible my face was(before Proactiv) and paid for my Office visit + meds from the Dermatologist. My face went from OMGAREYOUREALLYMYSON to very very good in only 17 days. Everything after that was ONLY improvement. That was.....in Nov I think, so I've been clear since. But yea what I wanted to say was when I wanted to cancel my Proactiv prescription, it was the most agonizing
  6. I generally wouldn't advise going against the advice of a trained physician. I mean sure all they have are those fancy diplomas and years of experience, but you go ahead and do it anyways No really, don't do it without talking to him about it. I myself take 200mg(100mg 2x a day), but if anything it was to stop a massive flare up that came outta nowhere. One day I had nothing and within a few days I had like 10 cysts. I went for a follow up and I'm still taking 2x a day(he didn't really say any
  7. Somewhat long story short, I used to have moderate acne as a teenager(20 now) but as soon as I started taking Mino 100mg 1x a day my skin made a turn for the best. And I was on that for about 2 years straight. Eventually my derm wanted to ween me off of it so he handed me an emergency 1 month supply of pills, 2 trial size thingies of Benzaclin and sent me on my way.(This was Nov 2006) 7 months had passed and not a single breakout, and I thought I had finally beaten acne. All I would do is wa
  8. I've been on Mino for 2 years straight(seriously) and I had 0 side effects. You could just be so worried, you're starting to "imagine" these pains. Alot of times I'd think I'd feel a pimple coming and I'd freak out and I would tell myself I could feel the bump and etc etc. But in the end nothing ever breaks the skin. The human mind can definitely play tricks on you, if you let it get the best of you. Or you could really be having some side-effects, and though Im definitely not a professional, I
  9. As the topic title suggests, this is the first time this has ever happened to me. You can usually feel/see when a new zit is about to come out, and all the signs were there only inside my nose I felt a little pain on/in my nose and of course I prepared myself for a new blemish that would stare at me in the mirror. The pain of a zit continued but nothing showed up on my face. Then one day while picking my nose i felt this bump inside and thought it was like a dry boogy or something. Nope i
  10. I've been lurking on the boards for a while and yesterday my unit got their orders and we are being deployed to Iraq. Was just hoping anyone who has any experience in the desert atmosphere could give me advice on what I could use. I've seen weather forecasts and it seems to do quite a bit of jumping from moderate 87 degrees one day and spiking to 113-120 and even sometimes a chilly 140 degrees. I've lived in CA all my life so Im definitely not going to be used to this kind of heat and dusty