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  1. Ugh this acne! Forehead: extreamly dry and somewhat smooth expect for two large pimples. I'm so tempted to pop them! Left Cheek: Broke out in many tiny bumps =[ Right Cheek: Group for large pus filled pimples showed up but not many of those comedones 3 new ones popped up on my neck a while well. I know patiences is key but why is god testing like this? Homeopathy don't let me loose hope in you. My dosage change now. I ee too take the morning pill every other day now to every
  2. @cecek: switched shampoos now. Still experiencing hair loss and dryness round the mouth area along with acne. Not sure why I'm experiencing accutane side effects before taking it lol @ all acne veterans : Is there by specific blood test that I get to determine what is causing my acne? Like vitamins D3, B12, K? Androgen levels? Embarassed to say this, but I stopped going to work because of this =[
  3. So, the giant pimple on my forehead is still forming. The other comedones are still getting flatter, but they aren't gone. Left cheek doesn't have any active pimples but tons of clogged pores. It feels rough to Touch. Right check has about 4 active pimples and tons of clogged pores. Hopefully start seeing major improvements by the end of this week.
  4. Well two hard bumps on my chin. Giant pimple on left cheek popped. Still have several on the right cheeks. I think all the closed comer ones are turning into pimples now. Forehead comodones are getting flatter but they are not completely gone. One large pimple is forming in between my eyebrows. Still pretty optimistic! I'll keep going!
  5. No major improvements so far. Got a few gigantic bumps on my forehead and left cheek. One on my right cheek. Somehow the left side seems a little smoother aside from these giant pimples. The right side is really clogged. The texture is rough and bumpy. Soem of the comodones seems to be shrinking now my forehead, but a few large pus filled pimples appeared and I'm not sure if these used to be comodones or not.
  6. I say ditch the derm. They're just going to put you on antibiotics and that's now worth it. Go to a NP or a highly reputed homeopath. Homeopathys success totally depends on the doctor adminteringnthe medicine to you.
  7. Oh I see. I was thinking along the lines that hormones in the body naturally get balanced in 6 months.
  8. I only use Garnier Shampoo and Tressame conditioner. Been using it for years.
  9. This is absurd! Acne suffers have much to deal with already. Please don't spam and give us false hope!
  10. Hey guys, Ive been to a couple of derms, a homeopath, and an NP. All of them say it'll take 6 months for my acne to go away and 1 month till I see slight improvement. I was was just wondering what your guys' experiences were. Did it really take 6 months? Also do they mean 6 months from when the acne started or 6 months after treatment? Also how long does this take to clear up comodonal acne? I have it all over my face, and its slowly spreading towards neck.
  11. Hey eve! I'm on a similar journey to yours. I have started homeopthy treatment last week. This is what they gave me. 1. 5 pills in the morning 2. 5 in the afternoon, every 4 days 3. 5 in the night Accutane is not an option for me right now. Many people have said that Homeo works with getting to the root of the problem. I'm on week 1, haven't seen any change yet. I'll keep you posted.
  12. No problem! No BC didn't come up in our conversation yet.
  13. what are BC pills? that is what I'm not able to figure out! I don't think anything has changed. I have closed comodones. What kind of treatments are available in spas? Acne facials? yes, my hair is a major concern too.
  14. Thanks both of you for the response. I'm just wondering why my derm took me off all antibiotics. Isn't oral medication supposed to be stronger than topicals?