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  1. Hi..Oldguy I was wondering if you ever had punch float or punch graft correction...? What is the difference...? Have you had either? I have an ice pick scar on the tip of my nose , of all places... I am so self concience of it .. I tried needling it and made it WORSE.. I do have an appointment with a plastic surgeon Nov.1....I am worried he will screw it up further. any suggestions?
  2. Be so Happy...Your very fortunate..Your skin looks Beautiful..!!! and has Good color..!!! When I started accutane many years ago..it was too late ...I already had major scarring... Your red marks are very minimal and small...once they clear... you should be good to go! You look Great!
  3. I am thin ... A few years back.....I did gain about 35 lbs... due to antidressants increasing my appetite... My scars looked MUCH BETTER, as a matter of fact... No one noticed them at all....... Because they were all staring at my DOUBLE-CHIN....!!! LOL
  4. Hi all...speaking of fillers...I am having Radiance injections this afternoon at 3pm...to fill some old acne scars and deep dented scars from a botched fat transfer I had last January. I have been waiting 2 months for this appointment...I am nervous... I keep asking myself...."what if I look worse.??? Then I come to my senses...because I dont think its possible..!! It will be nice to finally go out in public again!!! after all these months!! I will keep the board posted on how this goes...Pl
  5. Did you use the Vita K cream -that comes in tube and has sunscreen? OR The Vita K, Super K gel... comes in a cute little jar? Be careful...the cream really broke me out...very waxy. IMO-- the gel ...didnt do much of anything at all.
  6. Liv, Hi...The "glue thing' is still workin for me... I have been using it for about a week and a half now.... and.. I am Sooo...Happy my nose has not fallen off...YET.. hehe I am Glad, I put a smile on your face.... LOL ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Vanessa
  7. Hi..Sorry it took me so long to get back on the board, I had a hard time logging in. To: pooratbest- I did try gluing a whole new piece of skin to my face..while out with another guy..Without my knowledge..It fell off, plunk! on to my dinner plate, I excused myself, went to the little girls room and quickly plastered it back on.. SO..I have no idea why I never heard from him again!!!?? MEN!!! LOL To: girl3900- The icepick scar on my nose is quite small...I ONLY put the glue IN the little
  8. Ok....I am prepare for you all to think that I have cracked...that is ok... It wont be the first time in my life...LOL I have an ice pick scar on the tip of my nose that makes me very self conscience. No one notices it but me...it drives me crazy everytime I put my make-up on.... It is small...but to me it is a canyon!! It is a real pain..I usually fill it in with my foundation the best that I can...but as noses go..the foundation would wear off my nose during the day..and would stay in the
  9. AlexAlmighty.. Thank you for being so honest with your results thus far... I had to start washing my face with soap again.. It was starting to breakout in little bumps..I couldnt take it anymore.. In the long run...I hope your experiment works out for you.. !!! I really do think you are on to something... P.S...Yes...I am old enough to drink...LOL AND do many other things as well...hehehe keep on posting...This is soo.. interesting. Good luck....!!! Sincerely, Vanessa
  10. I have noticed that Bright colors ..like Lime green, bright orange..any color that usually "washes me out" (doesnt look good on ..I look.. blah) would make my acne look worse... Each person is different though...off white is good for me..but it may not work for you... Wear what makes you feel good....Smile .... and your acne will be alot less noticable....
  11. Hi..itsjustmekryssy. I am very surprised that you are having a hard time taking off Cover Girl Lasting lipstick....(baby or veg. oil mayhelp you...) I have a hard time keeping it ON...maybe it is due to my oily skin....
  12. Hi AlexAlmighty... I just came across your little experiment...and this is such a coincidence..!!! YOU ARE RIGHT ON...!!! I have been busy painting my house..I usually wear make-up...but since I was painting I didnt ....I got up and washed my face in the morning and by noon my face felt like it was dripping with oil....Eeeew! By 11pm I was tired..and went to sleep without washing my face again..(I usually wash it 3 times a day..so this was kinda gross for me..but i thought what the hell ..I a
  13. I was hoping the Rimmel mascara would work out for you ...just like it did for me.... I am happy MY mascara search is finally over...LOL Pretty nice...to find something Soooo....cheap that works Sooo....Well !! LOL YOUR WELCOME ...and GLAD TO HELP!
  14. I have Very Oily skin..sooo..mascara used to give me raccoon eyes, too. Until I tried RIMMEL (in Black)...it is the one that costs only $1.98 at Wal-mart. I couldnt believe a mascara ...so cheap, would work so well..!! It is comfortable, doesnt clump , no flakys, doesnt bother my contact lenses, no racooning and two coats build to Wonderful looking eyelashes... What more can ya ask for...? LOL For the price ...it would be worth a try.
  15. Personally. I use MUD brand mask..it is 100% natural clay. As the Natural clay dries on your skin, you can actually feel it tighten and draw out the impurities....like oil and blackheads It wont make your face break out more (or bring out zits that are normally not there..so relax.... LOL... Your skin will be less oily , feel incredibly smooth and your pores will appear smaller...at least for a day. I would highly recommend you try it...it can be purchased at Wal-mart or Ulta Cosmetics an
  16. I have an Appt. on October 13, 2004 to have Radiance filler injected into my acne scars and botched fat transfer needle scars on my cheeks ...to poof them up. After reading your board I am a little nervous...about getting lumps... I dont know which is worse..???? Aaaarg! If anyone has had this injectable lately...could you fill me in...? ( No pun intended... LOL ) How much did this cost you...? Are you happy with the results...? I have been to sooo...many sites looking into this..most ar
  17. From all that I have heard about Aquamid...I thought it was supposed to be a permanent filler.... I am very interested in getting this... Are you in the United states..? Can you tell us how much this cost you ..? Any more info you have would be appreciated... Thank You...!!!
  18. Maybe she had a face-lift and the scars were somewhat "stretched out"..?
  19. Hi... ExtremeImports, Did you ever get around to trying any of those 'fillers" that you had listed? If so...did any work for you...I have the same problem as you...
  20. I am sorry, but....what is MENAJI...???
  21. I have Very oily skin and the Revlon Colorstay makeup..made me look very greasy (except by my under-eyes, which is drier, it caked up) .. felt uncomfortable .....and it made me break out something terrible. Could be.. because it was so hard to remove. I think I will stick to my Maybeline Shine free that I have been using for the past few years.
  22. If you go to makeupally.com you can find all kinds of opinions on foundations and other make up products...It is Wonderful!!!