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  1. hey ya'll I HAVE ZITS EVERYWHERE ! i've gotten lazy w/ the lights a bit-but dang, i only missed one or two nights i think .. now i'm paying for it.... but i did noticed more "starts" of zits last week before i even missed any days of using the lights... not sure whats going on - maybe retin a micro is still messing w/ my skin ... but yeah i have a small/medium cyst on my jawline, w/ a bunch of other painful zits in the same area- so i'm thinking the bacteria/ cell shedding in that area must
  2. i think the only person's opinion you should care about is your own... because it is what you tell yourself that molds how you end up treating yourself... if you tell yourself that your looks are "ruined", then of course it only makes sense that you would shy away from other people, see more of the differences between you and them than similarities, and you would just generally go towards the negative point of view more often, thus having a negative imapct on YOUR world. now that im older (23)
  3. so uh... whats a "death mark"?? (i'm assuming its an acne mark for now...) how long do you keep the acid on now that i'm sure you've found the right timing for it?
  4. your pretty, whats your tattoo of?

  5. my skin is getting better and better these days.... the breakout i was having last week on my right cheek is settling down big time, only one zit is left but healing (more like a nodule) and again i'm pretty sure i broke out from retin-a micro, but i'm still using it and still loving it (even tho i peel from it, but i know its working because of the peeling) my blackheads are less prominant (could be from my steaming/extracting last week).... also, i skipped TWO days of the lights this week, a
  6. i haven't tried this yet, but vitamin B5 (panthenol or panthenolic acid - spelling???) anyways, vitamin B5 is supposed to help your body break down fats that would otherwise be released through your sebacious glands.... i think there is a great thread in the natural/holistic forum, right at the top... an annoying thing about this is that you have to use 10 grams/day ( 5 pills four times per day) in the beggining but then a couple months later you can go down to like 3 grams they say it works j
  7. what do they use to do extractions? is it just that metal tool w/ a wire loop at the end? or isn't there some sort of vacume thingie that sucks the blackheads out??? if there is such a thing i would lovvvvve to get my hands on one
  8. I think you should look up "anti-inflamitory" creams / hearbs that you could put on your cysts, i haven't had any lately, but i used to, and what hurt the worst was the swelling, bp wont help the swelling AT ALL... i use grape seed extract (i empty the capsules that you can buy in the vitamin section at the store) so anyways, i empty about 6 capsules and mix with a TINY bit of hot water to it turns into a thick paste, if you have vitamin E oil, add a little of that (you could use E capsules too,
  9. i have cetyphil both gentle and the acne wash one, i like them both... i think the reason why so many people buy cetyphil is because its like one out of only two gentle cleansers that are even available and most stores/drugstores, so obviously if someone has sensitive skin they are gonna go fo the sensitive face wash- THUS increasing demand for the product, THUS the manufacturer's can increase the price and their profits soar...
  10. why would a doctor (even a natropath) ever suggest not to eat raw veggies?!?!?!?!?!?! it is like- the healthiest food to eat!!! with the most vitamins and minerals!!!!!!!! that is horrible advice that he/she gave you dear, please keep eating your veggies raw, its better for your digestion too... oh, also- to soften up your "bowel movements" you should take a couple stool softeners everyday, they are way gental (not like a laxitive, much gentler) and you can find them for cheap at any pharmacy
  11. correct me if i'm wrong, but aren't juiced veggies still fresh? isn't it just like eating fresh vegetables?
  12. your right, moisturizers are useless. All they do is glue your dead peeling dry skin to your face and give you the illusion that your dryness has vanished. The moisturizer just makes your face greasy because it can't enter the semi-permeable skin fully. moisturizers are not useless, they create a barier that stops water from evaporating out of your skin cells. but it is true that dead peeling skin cells will absorb the moisturizer therefore temporarily "dissapearing", but don't mistake this
  13. i've had this happen to me quite a bit in the past... it totally sucks! it feels like your recovering from sandpaper being rubbed on your face ... i also have had the scaly/chapped skin feeling, shoot even my lips peeled from it... guys just don't understand, you tell them to shave right before, and they always end up forgetting lol. i have an idea, carry aroud yourself a mach 3 razor and some shaving gel, (cuz guys need help)that way you can let him go to the bathroom and shave real quick
  14. i've been using skinceutical's "phyto +" on my red marks for the past few weeks, and i've noticed a huge change in their darkness, they have faded A LOT!!! phyto + is a serum that has kojic acid which helps break up the melanin that is deposited in the red marks.... if you don't mind spending 45 bucks on something that REALLY works, then u should check it out!
  15. after reading your post the other day, i tried out my daughters "desonide .o5%" on a few of my current pimples, and i noticed the inflamation has gone down drastically in all of them! i know the cream i have is a much lower strengh topical steroid, but i think it works!