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  1. Wuz up dancer im from miami too and good luck with ur accutane trip. Be careful and good luck

    1. No, I'm not clear. I have moderate acne on my body...and pretty much this is the reason I'm a veteran member in these boards :) Like I said.. I don't like showing pictures of myself from this point of view... displaying how bad my skin is.

      1. No hard feelings, u just seem clear and it seems like ur tyring to show off on the wrong site

        1. thanks for the comments. For some reason they just showed up, maybe the mods had to approve em ;]]

          1. Ah.. and btw, I have deleted my "muscular" pictures.

            1. Sorry you did take it this way..Maybe you should take the fact I'm member of this site for more than one year and I have hundreds of acne-related posts. I just find the acne pictures too depressing for me and this is the reason I don't take any of this type. Good luck.

              1. Hey i forgot to tell u something. Im not sure if this applies to mama lotion but after taking accutan and coming of a cycle of it ur skin is really sensitive to a lot of stuff. Maybe that includes mama lotion or not but im just warning u

                1. wo, Im sorry. I hope you dont think i was being sarcastic with my comment. I just though u looked clear in ur pic but i guess its the makeup. But ur hot either way.

                  1. Haha, weird! Thanks, good luck to you, too.

                    1. I just wanted to say you look so much like my friend andrea that its actually scary. It freaked me out when i saw ur pic. Anyways good luck

                      1. I know what your going through. i had a speech class in college and i had to present as well in front of people with acne. although watching it on tv sounds rough. im sorry for what your going throough because I KNOW HOW IT FEELS. Stay strong and remember its going to get better one day.
                      2. I feel EXACTLY LIKE HOW YOU FEEL. i feel like im handsome and i know i have the potential to hook up with really preety girls but i feel like i cant because im always nervous about approaching them beacsue of my acne . i feel like a flower on a wall that cant get near people it sucks. i would have so much confidence if it wasnt for this fucking acne. Just know brother that your not the only one out there like you. just have to stay strong and positive
                      3. Hey i hope you have a strong treatment right know becuase it looks like you have cystic acne and that leaves big pitted scars dont wait any longer. you need a dermatologist and strong prescription to stop that right away.