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  1. Activity of herbal extracts on the control of sebum secretion.Accession number;04A0230063 Title;Activity of herbal extracts on the control of sebum secretion. Author;UCHIUMI YOICHIRO(Maruzen Pharm. Co., Ltd., JPN) YAMAMOTO SUSUMU(Maruzen Pharm. Co., Ltd., JPN) MIZUTANI KENJI(Maruzen Pharm. Co., Ltd., JPN) Journal Title;Fragr J Journal Code:G0987B ISSN:0288-9803 VOL.32;NO.3;PAGE.53-57(2004) Figure&Table&Reference;TBL.4, REF.13 Pub. Country;Japan Language;Japanese Abstract;Potential act
  2. They work synergistcally. Zinc will work to some degree on its own, but the two together result in a higher inhibition of 5-alpha-reductase II . This may mean the difference between achieving a certain threshold that results in cessation of acne, and lackluster results. So I say use both from the start. Some Zinc supplements already come with B6 aswell, as the synergy is well established.
  3. I don't think it is harmful, it can however cause nausea for alot of people. Some however can stomach it, and therefore taking it on an empty stomach is preferable, as it maximizes absorbtion. If you can't stand it, I suggest taking it first thing in the morning with some juice and a piece of fruit. Just don't go eating any steak or drinking milk, or you could very well be waisting your money. :think: bye for now.
  4. Zinc in sinergy with b6 supressed sebum production to a point where the skin remained hydrated but never had any visible signs of oil, like the termed "normal" skin behaves. As a natural consequence all acne lesions dissapeared aswell. I must reiterate, B6 in sufficient quantity (100 - 200mg) should be taken in conjuction with 50 - 100mg of elemental zinc. I used the amino acid chelate variety, which I believe is one of the best vehicles. The study that was cited on here earlier used zinc sul
  5. Greetings everybody, I have alot of experience when it comes to using zinc to eliminate acne and oily skin. I have seen vitamin b6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) been refered to already in this thread, but want to stress its importance. If you combine your zinc supplementation with b6 (100 - 200mg/day), you will achieve a far greater inhibition of the 5-alpha-reductase type I enzyme present in the skin. You should take b6 with the zinc, preferably on an empty stomach, or atleast in absence of any c
  6. Greetings everybody, this is my first post. This purported solution for oily skin has captured my interest. If possible, could somebody find out my information, possibly a reference to a study or researchers/company involved? I don't know if "Men's Health" is available in Australia (where I'm located). But I'll have a look around today. I realize that simular high energy EM technology is already being used in dermatology, but if this is indeed new, it may offer a veritable, long term solution