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  1. Yeah, I was on Accutane when I was 22 (when I first started getting my cystic acne) and it cleared me up. I stayed clear till I was about 26 going on 27 years old....and then that's when it came back with a vengence. I waited till after grad school to start going to a new dermotologist again (I was 32 in 2001). I went for about 2 years, tok 2 years off from going and then went back at the age of 36 where July 2005 I was put on accutane for the 2nd time in 14 years...unfortunatly it didn't wor
  2. Then you've been lucky! I never found that whey caused much facial acne, but I had bacne when I was on whey protein, and I know a number of people who have experienced bacne outbreaks when using it. If you want a non-dairy protein sup use "90+ Vegan" pea protein isolate and mix it with a pure fruit juice. Good stuff! Cutting dairy does not solve the problem, but certainly helps. Most soy milk and oat milk contain added calcium in addition to the vegetable sources other people listed.
  3. For a face wash I use Neutragena "Rapid Clear, Oil eliminating foam facial wash" for me it works fine and for $7 or so it lasts 3-4 weeks which is pretty good (depending on how much you use). I wash with it when I get up in the morning and then before I go to sleep. There is another wash that Neutragena has and its something like an "Oil Free Acne Wash" but I swear, when I use it I feel more oily! lol
  4. Zinc and Saw Palmetto were the first things I tried that worked and they made my skin a lot less oily and my face mostly clear of any inflamed acne. Then Diet changes made me completely clear. I added the fish oil later after my skin was already clear, so can't make any claims about that from personal experience. Cyph's advice is good. I just want to mention that my diet is nowhere near as strict as his and it still works. If you are lucky, yours might not have to be either. Also, I use
  5. Don't really know because I work for myself..but, I do have a Masters Degree in Education and I'm convinced I didn't get hired for a few jobs because of my skin. I know I knocked em dead in the interview process but, I really believe because of the cysts that I had visible on my forehead that I was turned down. Of course they can't say that because you can sue for discrimination but you can almost feel it. I swear, during one interview, it seemed that the group at the school that interviewed
  6. I have to say...the one thing that really gets me pissed off about the cystic acne is that when I go to the gym, and people see it, they automatically assume I'm on steriods...and I'm not even big! lol...I'm 6-4 190...a few people actually asked and I told them what it was and some you can tell thought I was full of it...I think thats the hardest part for me...
  7. They say even after you get off of accutane that you can experience some breakouts but not as severe. I mentioned in another thread, when my first dermotologist put me on the stuff in my early 20's it actually worked but about 4 or 5 years later I started developing cysts again...I didn't take it again until July 2005 when I was 36 and it didn't work...ok, it worked in that from January 2006 till about a month or so ago, I wasn't as oily as I used to be though now, over the last month, I've bee
  8. Definitly agree on the Vitamin A...wouldn't take it. I wonder if your oiliness has been reduced as a result of taking the Omega 3 fish oil rather than the zinc and saw palmetto? I'm starting on all 3 myself and I hope I can get some good results. obviously my acne is different than yours in that I'm cystic but, anything that can reduce oil production is a possible good thing as that is what is clogging the pores since obviously regardless if its pimples or cysts we all have an excess of oil w
  9. I guess it must affect everyone differently because while I'm not a big milk drinker I do eat cereal most mornings and also mix my whey protien supplement with milk after a workout and I've really never noticed it harming me or helping me for that matter...maybe I should mix the protien with water and try to knock out milk just to see what happens. As I mentioned in another thread..I do have to drink more water...that's for sure. The good thing..I love broccoli and leafy greens...funny enough
  10. Thanks again Cyph! Question do you have cystic acne or pimples? I just came back from the Vitamin Shoppe and purchased Saw Palmetto and Zinc.. the zinc is 50mgs and the Saw Palmetto is 540mgs....I also purchased Omega 3 as well.....not including the Omega 3..do you take more than the required amount of Zinc and Saw Palmetto? Also at the Vitamin Shoppe they have this book on natural remedies and under Acne they said to take Vitamin A..but, what they mentioned was 25,000 IU's of it daily and
  11. Some people mentioned not to take dairly products...milk, cheese, etc. As I mentioned I am extremely cystic...what is it in dairy that isn't good? The higher levels of fat? The Vitamin D? Calcium? Its just interesting because you always read that dairy is good for you....can it be a cause for more cysts to form?
  12. I workout but I don't take creatine at all...just worried about the long term effects of it because I believe it is created in the kidneys naturally and using creatine just boosts the levels but, its also not natural rather something that is artificial. I do take extra protein though and its no bother. I have to disagree in what he said about increasing caloric intake..I think as has been mentioned by others, it depends on what you eat or drink when increasing you calories. If you eat junk f
  13. Thanks again everyone! Its always good to get advice on things I've never tried before and different things that can possibly work. Diet: I think I do have to improve on that. Coming from an eastern European background, growing up, bread was a staple at every meal...not the white toast bread mind you but, the Italian breads and things like that..of course they are white on the inside with a nice hard crust...so, even today, I can't have a meal without bread....I'll have to get wheat instead.