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  1. HI, I'm 17 YO and next week I have a appointment with the derm and im going to ask him if I can go on Accutane. How long is the process before i can actually get the medication and what is the process like? Also once I'm on it how long does it usually take to see possitive results? Thanks you guys! and also how much does it cost?
  2. How long before minocycline usually expires? I'm starting to take 100 mg a day, what should i expect
  3. ^ And also wat type of acne and how bad is it?
  4. Im 17 years old, I hope i grow out of it soon. How old are all you?
  5. Hey man i know exactly where your coming from.....I'm only 17 so i hope its just like puberty and i will grow out of it but who knows, ive still been going out just not as much as id like due to acne....Im normally very sociable and outgoing and now I just feel like sort of blahh
  6. Tuna Fish is great to eat on bread i think......I LOVE IT lol What do you think
  7. I've started to eat cherries and it is extemely good for your body and skin. It also helps reduce cancer and has plenty of fiber in it which can help new cells grow and even help eliminate acne quicker. You should eat about 21 cherry's and the best part is it only contains 90 Calories and no cholestoral!!! Let me know what you guys think about this.
  8. I was using that EXACT regiment that you are on. I found that with the retin-A my skin was burning and beging to peel. I recommend that you use Retin-A every other night and use the Benzaclin every morning. When i was on it, my skin became pretty bad for about a month, but i noticed great improvement within the third week. And by the sixth and seventh week my skin was looking very nice.
  9. I'm currently using Tretinoin Cream, .025----which is a very mild retin-A.......I am thinking about changing to Retin-A Micro 0.1. What do you think i will experience with Retin-A micro. Thanks
  10. I think you should probably talk to someone about it. And alcohol can actually make your skin worst and casue you to have more breakouts. Plus when you drink a lot of the time your face turns much redder, which most likley than not causes your acne to look much worst. talk to a derm. about it! Good luck
  11. You guys NEED to get out of the house and just stop thinking about your acne because i PROMISE it will eventually go away and there's no need to just keep dwelling on it. Live life and your acne might even become better because your not stressing over it. I have mild to moderate acne on some areas on my face and im self conscience about it but you just got to live life!!! YOu can do it. lol
  12. Has anyoen tryed Tretinoin to treat acne. I'm on it now and It gave me a break out on one side of my cheek but now its all begining to go away very quickly surprisingly. I actually am seeing improvements each morning. I just it at night and in the day i use Clindamycin. What are your experiences using tretinoin?!?!?!
  13. Im currently using Clindamycin and i found that it does work fairly well but it will not work well unless accompanied by another treatment. I also use tretinoin at night which has really helped i believe to get rid of my inflammed acne.
  14. Hey dude, Im sure your acne isnt that bad and most people can look past the acne I mean im 17 w/ acne but most people relize that acne is just a simple part of teenage life and that its not permanet. just have some fun, and forget about ur acne and u should be fine!
  15. How long does it usually take for your pimples to go away? And also if i pop it, will it just come back?