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  1. Hey dudes, So what are you doing with the toothpicks? Why not use a cotton swab or your thumb? Are you actually poking the scars?
  2. I'm annoyed that some people are telling tgan3 to just get over it, as if it's just that simple to get over facial disfigurement. It is life-altering. I was popular and well-liked before I got acne and scarring. After the acne came, people treated me completely differently. It has nothing to do with your mindset or self-confidence. It's just reality. If you have severe acne or bad acne scarring, you will be treated differently, and if you're smart, you will expect it and strategize around it.
  3. Whoa. That's my life story as well. I get so angry thinking how goodlooking I'd be if my face wasn't ravaged by acne and scars. Also, I mostly blame my mom, who didn't give a shit enough to get me any medicine. And don't bnlame yourself, I doubt it would matter if you picked your acne or not, I think some forms just scar no matter what. I've decided that the way to go is fillers. Acne scars are mostly holes. Gotta fill 'em up with something.
  4. Dude, I'd kill to have those tiny scars. They seem so mild that any treatment would make them disappear. Good luck!
  5. Hey guys, thanks for all the input. Gosh, this is depressing. Subcision seems to be like all the other treatments: disappointing. I might give up on my acne scars. Well, I'll keep putting vinegar on my face and drinking lemon juice. Seems like that method can't be worse than surgery.
  6. Awesome you guys, thanks for the tips! I'll be checking these doctors out.
  7. I live in the central valley, between Fresno and Stockton. So anything in or around San Francisco is pretty close. But I'd go anywhere in CA for a doctor who's highly recommended. Have you guys actually went to these doctors? I was hoping or some recommendations with first-hand experience.
  8. Thank you everybody. Scarcrash, could you please share more info about your operation? Maybe we can fgure out what went wrong.
  9. According to this page, subcision is rated better than laser or dermabrasion. Would you guys agree that it's the best treatment overall? Also, the "FAQ: SUMMARY of SCARS and TREATMENTS" thread says there's a risk that subcision could make scars worse. Has that actually happened to anyone here? How rarely does that happen?
  10. Can anyone please recommend a good doctor in California for subcision, laser, or (eek!) dermabrasion? I'm getting sick of my scars and I'm ready to brave the risks. Thanks in advance for any help.