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  1. as you probably know, antibiotics dont generally work for very long. they will generally clear you (obviously not the same for everyone) but its usually for a few months and then its time to change. id go on accutane, yeah it has health risks, but taking antibiotcs every day for years does too
  2. I am in the same situation as you except Ive only been on my antibiotics for six days, one sulfer based antibiotic cream (clenia) and one oral antibiotic (cefadroxil). I also have red cheeks that are itchy. I have had rosey cheeks long before acne but this itchiness I believe is due to the acne. I have small white bumps there. There are less of them now that Im on the antibiotic. Are you moisturizing? Moisturizing is very important. Make sure you dont over moisturize though either.
  3. i've been on my new antibiotcs for 2 weeks, but since yesterday my cheeks have been rather rosy and my face feels like its on fire, ontop of major itchyness! has anyone else experience this and know if it's just something that will go? thankkss
  4. Ha ha...that's me. For a similar effect, you can sprinkle a little MAC Vanilla pigment into Fix+ spray and spritz it over your face after you've applied Studio Fix powder. Also, sometimes I use this combo: Studio Fix foundation, then Strobe Cream, and then Blot Powder Loose (all applied with the 187 brush). Putting Strobe Cream on after Studio Fix is a little too much and makes my skin shiny. But the Blot Powder helps.
  5. wow, thanks!! u know so much about make-up lol. jealous..
  6. i dont think i have oily skin really, tbh. my foundation usually has an alright amount of coverage the next morning if ive slept with it on..i know, i know! does the studio fix look natural? any power ive ever used has looked like im wearing a fair old amount! plus i like a bit of a glow, not really matte
  7. wow, youve used a lot of mac lol. by provide enough coverage, do you just mean it didnt cover up redness enough? i tried studio fix agggeesss ago, but my skin was mega flakey the day the guy put it on me and it was wayyyy too light, so i cant use it now either! is the studio stick just concealer?
  8. anyone tried mac select fluid foundation?