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  1. Wow so it turns out the shiny scab was just a normal scab, it just took a long time before it formed an actual one-looks like it will be easier to cover with makeup for the next few days, and will soon flake off-phew!!! For the redness on my cheeks, I went and bought some bp, I cannot believe how much of the redness around the pimples has gone down. There are quite a few whiteheads that have appeared since last night though, I don't know if that's the bp or just coincidence. I'll try not to pick
  2. Well the scabs have started to dry out so I peeled them off, leaving the pinkish marks underneath as I suspected. There is one large scab that looks raised and feels like a hard lump. This doesn't look like the usual 'crusty' type scabs so I'm a little concerned as to what it is. I'm not sure if there is a pimple that is begining to form underneath. Closed comedones are still forming whiteheads but I'm attempting to leave them alone in the hope that they go away quickly. There is still a lot of
  3. so I stupidly picked at the cysts on my face, along with many of the closed comedones that I had on my cheeks for the last couple of months. Scabs from the comedones have pretty much gone, but i have been left with flat, shiny, red scabs from picking the cysts. As soon as I picked i applied ibuprofen gel to decrease the swelling, and i have been putting sudocrem on the scabs for the last two days. As soon as I try and apply makeup, it makes the scabs look wrinkly and i am unable to successfully