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  1. excellent thanks for the advice!
  2. not sure if you can post links here but http://www.asos.com/Diesel/Diesel-Brave-Bu...=Belts&sh=0 best belt ever!
  3. Do you think i brown can be worn with black?. what i need advice on is i plan to wear a dark pair of levi jeans with a black shirt tucked into it but with a brown belt and a chunky buckle. Am i onto a winner?
  4. yeah its early days, just wanted to make sure it was supposed to be like that. ive got dans face wash and bp but havnt given them much of a chance. i dont think bp has the same effect that it used to tho
  5. Is by Jan Marini. I got it to see if 5% clearned me up any better
  6. ive just bought a bp product that has a very runny liquid consistency. im just wondering if this could be a problem as other bp products ive used are more gel like.
  7. Great! It sounds like you have an understanding doc! What a relief. I hope that your new course helps you out. Did he give any prescription to apply topically?
  8. my doctor was really really good with me and said things that did make me think. he mainly addressed the fact that i am a person with a name and not just someone with spots. he also said that things have to be put in perspective and to try change the way it feel about my looks and proberly the looks of others. i know its easier said then done to change yr attitude when you have a face full of zits. he also gave me a stronger course of anti biotics which are double the does of the last lot i trie
  9. so after finaly flipping out with my skin, by that i mean breaking down and crying... ive made another appointment with the docs. lately i have been staying in while my friends are going out because i cant stand being among them when im having a break out. my metal state has gone down hill big style this year and im hoping to get something to boost me up and the only way to do that is by me having clear/semi clear skin. my last perscription was for Tetrocycline which had little to no affect. Is
  10. My skin is very dry and flakey. I was wondering if a build up of dead skin on the face can cause new spots to form.
  11. try eating special k for 2 meals a day. ive tried the diet (2 weeks and lost 5lbs) it prob wont get you down 5lbs in a week but itll help. That and 30mins of cardio a day and you should see results