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  1. Hmm. I think i had this the other day.. Skin seems fine. Also would be interested to know! Cheers
  2. I definitely get a yellow tint from the moisturiser! I'm starting to get a little suspicious about replies directly from the moderators supporting/defending acne.org products to be honest.
  3. if they are not opened it should be fine. However i left my cleanser on the floor of the shower recently and it filled up with water so be mindful once they are opened def. not airtight!
  4. Really interesting! I have certainly noticed a lot of difference in my skin since i stopped using wash cloths, cleansing brushes, etc. and just started using my hands. Do you think that your success has had any connection with just 'letting go' and stopping stressing about your skin?
  5. JOJOBA OIL I havent got the the jojoba oil yet only the AHA will that help
  6. Hello people! I have been using the regimen for approx 2 weeks and it makes my skin super dry but then end of the day. This is to be expected for now - but is there anything I can do to ensure my makeup isn't flaky and dried out by the end of the day? I use bare minerals liquid foundation. Primer? Moisturiser? Tricks? Tips? With the dryness chill out soon? Any input is appreciated!
  7. I wore the bare minerals powder when I was an irresponsible teenager and slept in it occasionally, but honestly. If you want to look after your skin just wash it off.. I also used to wear makeup to bed with my boyfriend when I was younger because I was self concious of my skin - NOT GOOD. Your skin can benefit from having a good sweat when you work out so don't wear makeup if you can help it!
  8. This is so amazing to see! Are you using any type of regimen as well? I always get about 2 weeks into a candida diet but then I find it really hard to avoid sugar from there especially around my period. But this gives me hope! I'm going to try again!
  9. Hiya I have also been having a lot of problems with my skin lately am on my second month of Yasmin. I was on it when I was a teenager and it made my skin beautiful but it got pulled in my country for a period of time because it was a new drug and there was a blood clot scare. Anyway! I think it is helping I will be able to tell better this next period I think. Have you had success ordering Yasmin online? Its pretty expensive where I live in New Zealand because it isn't funded but in my opini
  10. Some people say that acne can be effected by hydrogenated or fluoridated water. Personally I have never found water to clear my acne (i was drinking 3L a day until recently). Drinking more water will not make your acne worse in my opinion but I have only seen improvement with my complexion form drinking water, I still had spots but my skin in general just looked better if you know what I mean so I guess thats a plus. Avoid soft drinks! Anna
  11. Hi Emily, It is so great to hear you have had success with Doxy! I have been on the treatment for almost 2 months and its working great but sadly I have had to stop my treatment today due to side effects (intense hunger and emotional disturbance). My skin is currently completely clear also so I would be interested to see how my shorter term use of Doxy compares with results if you are going to go more long term with it. Are you using anything else to treat your skin or following any diet? I