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  1. Day Three -------------------- My redmarks are noticably getting better and there are only a few active spots around my forehead and cheeks. The swellings have drastically reduced in size and I think they should be flattened out by the end of this week. So far so good, extremely thrilled about it... Other than difficulty in sleeping (I had to ensure I didn't accidentally smash my sticky face on the pillows and whatnot), I think this is all worthwhile. I know I am being greedy now but I really
  2. Day Two -------------------- Wow! I am actually quite amazed what Manuka Honey can really do! Not only did the nasty pus like stuff stopped oozing out of my skin, I could also physically feel the positive texture of my skin! BP severely damaged my skin. It was dry, chapped, full of blistering wounds and bright red all over. Hence, the decision to use God's natural work on my skin rather than those man made chemical stuff. I am actually quite pleased with the results seen in just one day. My
  3. Day One - A Brand New Day -------------------- My New Regimen . A teaspoon of Manuka Honey applied topically on my whole face right before bed. . Honey is left on till the next morning and rinsed off with cold water. I read that this seals the moisture and the nutrients from the honey in your skin. Utilise the honey on your face as a cleanser by adding just a little bit of cold water. Work it into a lather and rinse off. As simple as that. . No cleanser, toner or moisturizer were needed. I
  4. Acne caves you in from the outside world. I never thought this could happen to me but it changed everything. My life. My mission. This is the story of my journey.... I was a lucky individual who never had pimples, let alone acne during my teen years. I would never date a girl with pimples. I had pride. I had flawless skin. I was the Prince of the ball and I chose who I desire to dance with. Fast forward to a few years later and it came to pass, the beginning of a nightmare that I could never
  5. Read that it is good for red marks, dark spots and blemishes on top of other benefits. Does not clog pores too. Anyone tried this yet? Do give some honest reviews...
  6. Hi everyone... Just wondering whether I could mix Vinegar and Sea Salt together as my daily Toner. I read that Sea Salt helps get rid of Whiteheads and Blackheads. Anyone?
  7. Will there be any side effects if you have very thin skin? If so, how do we make them grow back thick and plump? I know it's a silly question but I read about vinegar thinning your skin in order to make the scars less noticeable, so I'm just making sure if it is really alright. And does the vinegar help diminish acne scars as in redmarks, indentations or both?
  8. Your name has spread far and wide and brought souls like me to this forum... I have a question regarding the vinegar: Does it help acne scars as in red marks, indentations or both?
  9. We have spent thousands of dollars on peels, topicals, lasers, undermining and more. All we needed to do was use cocobutter...wow #-o
  10. Hey there... Thanks for your help. Really appreciate the kind people around here.
  11. Hey peepz... I read that cocoa butter helps to heal scars. Is it really effective? Do they heal red marks, acne scars or both?