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  1. okay, well this is what im doing. Tell me if i am doing something wrong. A.M. wash face with Neutrogena original facial cleansing bar moisturize with Neutrogena Oil-free moisture sensitive skin P.M Wash face with Neutrogena original facial cleansing bar Put on pea sized amount of Retin-A At first i didnt want to moisturize my face at all, but i realized that that would be impossible with all the flaking and dryness. I now moisturize only in the mornings.Have you guys ever heard of not moisturi
  2. Hi guys, I was wondering if you are suppose to moisturize while on retina-a, and if so, do u moisturize in the morning or also at night after you apply the retin-a. Thanks. I really appreciate all responses. ALBERT
  3. HI guys, just out of curiosity, before you wash your face, do u wash your hands with the cleanser, or just use plain old liquid hand soap to wash your hands. I was thinking about switching from my Neutrogena Facial bar to something that specifically said non-comedogenic(preferrably a liquid cleanser), but its so easy to wash my hands with cleansing bar.I use the cleansing bar to wash my hands first, then I wash my face. I dont want to wash my face with dirty hands.. Am i doing it right? I would
  4. Any other opinions? I would appreciate it if people who finished accutane tell me what they did, or any suggestions to what I should do. Thanks Albert
  5. Hi guys, let me tell you a little bit about my case. I had moderate acne when i was prescribed Benzoyl peroxide and anitbiotics and it worked wonderfully. Then to even out my skin tone, my derm put me on retin-a, and that is when my skin got the worst in my life. I had moderate to severe acne,, then I got a accutane for 5 months on 60 mg, and weigh 155 pounds. I was completely clear. After two months of finishing this course, i started to break out again, not as severe though. I went on retin-a,
  6. Can i take Cold/Flu medicine while on accutane. I take 60 mg per day. What i mean is can i take a tylenol or motrin(fever reducer). I currently have the flu. did anybody ask your doctor if you could take fever reducers? thank you so much. Please respond ASAP. I have a really high fever. all answers appreciated. ALBERT
  7. Hi guys, I am on my second course of accutane. My first course went very well, but I had a relapse 2 months after i was done with the course. I recently started my second course, and have cleared nicely. I have ONE IMPORTANT QUESTION though. Since I heard that accutane makes your fat and cholesterol levels go up, I got on a diet. I only ate lean beef twice a week, ate only 3 times a day, no snacks. I lost about 15 pounds. The blood tests came out perfectly normal and everything. My question is,
  8. Thanks for the reply, I currently use neutrogena original formula bar, but it doesnt say its non comedogenic. the last time i used accutane i used it and it didnt cause problems. The treatment went fine. I had a relapse 2 months after my accutane treament was over. I dont know if I should switch to Purpose.............? any suggestions..??
  9. Im currently using neutrogena facial cleansing bar original formula, but it does not say non-comedogenic, and it dissolves too easily. Have any of you tried purpose bar soap while on accutane, and how did your treatment go? Thanks. All answers Appreciated. ALBERT
  10. Do you think 2 years is enough? I read online somewhere that patients who had the rhinoplasty and then got on accutane 2 years later, their nose job got all messed up. Thats why I'm scared........
  11. Hi guys, how long should I wait to have surgery on my nose. I do not want to get any scars. Any suggestions? Thanks. ALBERT