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  1. Ive been drinking about 2-3 glasses of milk for the last 2 months because i think the Vitamin D will help the condition of my skin and possibly help with my acne
  2. haha yea i no but are they a result of just puberty itself because my acne is starting to give up n ill be 15 in a couple of weeks. Does masturbating make your body produce more hormones and cause more acne? cause now i like barely do it mayb once a week and i think its helpin my acnee hehe
  3. So my sister let me use her proactive but using my knowledge of adaptation in life and how life adapts to its environment, can any intelligent people back up my theory that, lets say you use proactive but u use it once every 2 days, then after a while u use it every 2 days and sometimes 3 days in a row and then finally every day. Would the bacteria in the ance adapt to the proactive until it could survive with it? because i think thats what has happened to me and i dont know if that is possible.