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  1. Does anyone here know a good product to get rid of deep blackheads? I have one on my nose that I really really want to get rid of! I've had one before and when i tried taking it out manually with my fingers it turned into a really ugly pimple. I don't want that to happen again...can anyone help me out?
  2. I am currently trying to come off of the Regimen after 6 months. So far I've had 1-2 weeks of progress so far. I've cut off the amount of BP I use from both day AND night to only during the night. Will update within a month or if I break out. Good luck to all and wish me luck guys!
  3. Update after 4 months...I stopped using so much lotion because it definitely did NOT help the flaking. I think it made it worse because I used so much. I stopped using the lotion for about 2 months and my skin was a little less flakier. I just resumed using this again but with ONLY 2 PUMPS. It helps alot in my opinion and I have a lot less flakes. I wish I had been wiser and used only 2 pumps as the instructions tell you to. It might be different for other people but this is the best for me. Goo
  4. Month 6: Face is clear except for the post inflammatory hyper pigmentation. Now trying to cut down on use of BP to only at night. Using full finger length along with Neutrogena Healthy skin lotion with AHA. In the morning I use only Dan's Moisturizer + Neutrogena SPF30 Sunblock.
  5. Hello folks! Haven't posted on here for awhile since I haven't had the need to. Well just want to let everyone know that the Regimen actually worked for me. Just gotta keep with the program day and night. I've been clear for about 2 months or so and I'm now trying to cut down the amount of BP used. I started about 1-2 weeks ago and so far everything is going good. Saw one red little bump on my cheek but it's really small so all I did was just dab a bit of BP on it. Regimen since cutting down:
  6. I've used both Dan's BP and the Neutrogena On-the-Spot BP and I'd like to honestly say that Dan's is 10x better. First of all, it goes on much much easier and seems to be absorbing into the skin much better. It also makes my face less dryer than if I were to use Neutrogena. Good luck I hope my input helps.
  7. Hey Sarah, I suggest you try out Neutrogena Healthy Skin lotion with SPF15. It worked great for me and I had INCREDIBLY DRY and FLAKY skin when I was just using regular moisturizer. Good luck...I hope it works for you!
  8. So far I've only been using 2 swirts day AND night. I plan to up the dosage for the night time to maybe 4 squirts and possibly 6 squirts. Results for first week of using: My skin is now incredibly soft and I no longer have any flakes on my face from when I was just using regular moisturizer and the regimen. The red marks seem to just be sitting there and has been doing any better but it's only been the first week...so we'll see.
  9. Thank for everyone's advice and opinion. My skin has been very soft and less flaky after using this product...I would recommend this to anyone who has used the DKR for atleast a month or is used to the BP. Hopefully the results will be better as I hit the 2-4 week mark.
  10. Well I just purchased a box of Neutrogena's Healthy Skin Lotion with SPF (has AHA in it). Just wanted to share this with everyone and keep a public progress log of how well it goes with DKR. I have a question for people who have used this before...When you first applied this lotion on your face for the first time, did it sting or irritate your skin alot? I'm not feeling much stinging or irritation like some people claim so I'm scared the product might not be as effective for me. I have not us
  11. Well I decided to listen to you kim so I went ahead and bought the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Lotion with SPF. It's got AHA and from what I hear it's a dose of 8%. I hope things work out for me because my forehead and cheeks are oddly tanned from being on the DKR for a few weeks without SPF >< bad idea I know. When I was on Proactiv it faded my scars and marks pretty nicely...this might've been due to the Proactiv toner because it had glycolic acid in it.
  12. I'm just wondering if the Proactiv toner is the same as the AHA products Dan was talking about because I might consider buying a few bottles. If not I'll just go to Walgreens and buy a bottle of the AHA lotion.
  13. Ending of week 4: There are a few pustules here and there but not many cysts anymore. The breakout that I had on my cheeks from the initial breakout became darker and might scar but I doubt it. My skin has also started getting really dry and flaky in the cheeks and T area. My face doesn't seem to be improving much but this is only the first month...Let's see how well this product is by the end of month 2. Wish me luck everyone.
  14. But even using as much as I do now I still get really dry and flaky skin.
  15. Does using ALOT or multiple moisturizers cause breakouts or clogged pores? I'm testing out two...Dan's and Eucerin's with SPF15. They are both non-comedogenic and dermatologist recommended but I"m wondering if I use too much will my pores clog up and break out?