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  1. Hi everyone, So I started using dans regimen for my body almost a week ago, I use the cleanser then AHA, I have moderate acne on my chest and back, I experienced a bad breakout after applying his products...also I started dans regimen for my face acne two days ago, and I'm breaking out with about 3 new pimples, I am using the cleanser and bp, I am not using the moisturizer because I heard bad reviews about it...can anyone suggest a good moisturizer..and What should i do, since I'm breaking out..
  2. Hey everyone, here goes.. I received dan's acne kit...and tonight was the first time I used the cleanser then bp...Can someone tell me what am i supposed to expect, like will I breakout more at first? Will my face get very dry and red?? I didn't apply dans moisturizer becase I heard bad reviews about it...also How much of the bp should I be applying since today was my first day using dan's products... Thanx for your help guys!!
  3. Hi everyone, so 'i started using Dans cleanser and AHA for my body acne about 4 days ago, is it normal that my chest is breaking out more than usual, and how exactly am I supposed to apply it... I saw dans videos... Thanx everyone
  4. hi everyone...I was given a prescription for Epiduo gel...for acne..supposedly it is supposed to be good for acne...its a pretty new drug...anyone heard any good reviews or anyone using it now...please give some advice!! thank you
  5. ive never tried metrogel before...I have heard of it...but do not know if its any good....I am dealing with acne myself for the ladt 7 years on and off...I used to be clear just half a year ago for like 2 years...I was on the acne.org regimen...and 5 months ago i stopped it and started using products that started breaking me out badly...now for the ladt 3 months im on dans regimen again...and my skin is better but Im still having some breakouts....but I suggest you try dans regimen....its not ve
  6. ok thanx....now also I have oily skin...and like every 5 hours...i take 2 tissues and just blot it on my foreahead and nose and a little on my cheeks to take the oil off...is that ok if im doing that...or is that causing me to break out more???
  7. ok man thanx i did check it out...and ill deff try it in 2 days when I shave....how often do you think I should shave....if I shaved this morning will tuesday be good if I shave?
  8. oo...thanx so much...I didnt know I couldnt use other products...and that it will interfere with the regimen....but ill go ahead and start using the cleanser....but the cleanser is not a shaving gel...so how would it work when i Shave?
  9. Yes.. Ive been using the nivea for men sensitive skin shaving gel alcohol free...since I started the regimen...and the gillete good news twin blade razors...
  10. hi everyone....Ive been on dans regimen for almost 3 months now...I started it on july 12th...In the beginning it helped a lot with my acne...but for the past 2 months....it seems like its not working...everyday i break out with 2 or 3 pimples...I seem to be doing everything right....How long do you guys think my acne should go away...because it seems like its taking forever......Here goes my regimen....If you guys have any advice please feel free to write it...thanx so much!! Dans cleanser- a
  11. hiii guys....I revently came acrosss reading that vitamin A & E capsules are good for your skin and acne....Has anyone actually had a good experience with either of these vitamins?? Please let me know...Im planning on taking them..to see if they work for my acne!!
  12. hii everyone....so Im on dans regimen for 2 months and 3 weeks....almost 3 months..and it helped my acne a little...but I am still breaking out....I wanted to know///did anyone actually get off the regimen....and just stopped using anything on their face....just a cleanser....and did it clear anyone upp......another words....did anyone get off the regimen....and is now clear...using nothing at all?? Please give some advice guys...thank you
  13. hi everyone im on the regimen for exaclly 2 months today. and the first 2 weeks I cleared i i up...but for the last month and a half ive been breaking out...and my acne actually got worse.....now wat do i do...do i continue the regimen for another month..and see wat happens....or do i get off it....if you guys went through the regimen...please let me know what you did different...this is my regimen.... dans cleanser am and pm- twice daily dans bp 2.5 am and pm-2 full pumps dans moisturizer am
  14. i had the same problem....im on the regimen for 2 months...when i started it i was clear for the first 2 weeks...then i started breaking out again....hopfully in another month ill start clearin up...soo dont be upset...im in ur shoes
  15. hii everyone...well im on the regimen for a month and a week now...within the first 2 weeks my acne mostly cleared up..and now for the past week and a half...my forehead is breaking out and a little on my cheeks...but mostly my forehead...i have oily skin on my forehead and nose and cheeks....what do I doo....should I stick to the regimen...or should i get off it.....anyone with advice,,,please help!! my regimen: dans cleanser am & pm- 1 and a half pumps dans bp gel- 1 and a half pumps