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  1. Alot of dermatologist saw my face and they recommend fraxel, but fraxel i heard it gives you more hyper pigmentation is that true? anybody that had hyperpigemenation that did a laser treatment and had a good result let me know please
  2. can I use it as a spot treatment for my red marks as well?
  3. I been using Dans AHA for about a week, and i notice I gotten 3 more pimples, should I stick with it I'm using it as a spot treatment for my cyst acne in the morning , and as a nighttime moisturizer for my red mark. Also, I have broken out, with lactic acid peels before, so is glycolic acid right for me?
  4. XianXian

    AHA+ Regimen

    Morning Purpose gentle cleanser neutrogena 2.5 BP Cetaphil Moisturizer Night Purpose Gentle Cleanser Neutrogena 2.5 BP Dan AHA+
  5. XianXian

    AHA+ Progress

    Currently going to use Morning Purpose gentle cleanser Neutrogena 2.5 BP Cetaphil spf 15 moisturizer Night Purpose gentle cleanser Neutrogena 2.5 BP Dan AHA+
  6. Okay so I want to fade my red marks, so before i used Aha glycolic acid and that broke me out, then i did lactic acid peel, that broke me out, is dan aha+ safe for me? btw: i used aqua glycolic cleanser and 40% lactic peel
  7. Okay so 2 months ago, i started cooking at home, and when I cook, all the oil smoke goes to my face, and on the bottom of my face where the smoke goes to, i started growing big pimples there, and white little bumps also, so my question is Does cooking oil smoke cause acne as well? but just 2 months ago I stated using AHA, and since then I grew white little bumps on the bottom of my face as well, I don't know which one is causing it.
  8. okay i recently did 2 lactic peels, and that did not go so well, im geting like pimples at places i never got before, and I think ima switch to puredeming intense gel, does it work good on red marks, and could i use this gel while having acne??
  9. okay I don't really get pimple anymore, it just that I happen to have a pimple on my cheek right now, is it bad if I applied lactic acid peel on top, or should I just avoid that part
  10. okay one more question, why does my doctor say i can only do peel once a month, when the makeup-artist lactic peel product says i can do it every week, what is the difference?
  11. haha its okay thanks for the tip, my question is what's the difference between a professional doing lactic peel for me and myself doing it, doctor said once a month but on the site says once a week, don't know which one i should go for
  12. I also start getting little bumps that's like my skin tone, is this normal? and could I start using BP again? Anybody with an answer that can help me would be great