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  1. Hi all, I'm currently about 3.5 months into my second course of accutane. Face has cleared up well. Still getting the odd pimple but overall much clearer. Question 1: I have fairly bad scarring that I believe would warrant temporary fillers (have been given this advice from derms in the past but not gone ahead with it). Am I able to get fillers while on accutane, or will I have to wait until 6 months post accutane? Question 2: Same as above, except v-beam for the redness? Not looking i
  2. Hello fellow scar sufferers, Bit of a backstory of my acne/scar history: Was on accutane for around 7-8 months from September 2015 to around April 2016, which cleared up my severe acne completely. Since December 2016, around 7 months after finishing my course, I have been trying to improve my the scarring left behind from my severe acne. Around this time, however, my acne slowly started to return, and although it has not reached the heights of its severity before taking accutane, it has been p
  3. Awesome to hear you had great success @Liquid_Ocelot! Could you upload a photo of your skin now under some harsh lighting? Would really appreciate it.
  4. Hi guys I went and saw a derm for my skin yesterday. He seemed very knowledgeable and keen to help me without ripping me off with lasers like some other derms/doctors. He suggested we start off by doing filler followed by 3-4 sessions of TCA cross, as I have quite a range of boxscars and a few ice picks and rolling. I happily obliged to doing this and have the fillers booked in for the 28th of July. However, after getting home and thinking about it overnight, I'm wondering about the logi
  5. Yes @Bridgebaby, I'm not going ahead with it due to my type of scarring, but try Total Face Group in the Sydney CBD.
  6. @Imperial925 how were your results? My scars are similar to yours and I'm considering subcision. You should upload updated photos!!
  7. Hi all, I am looking into subcision treatments and was wondering if anyone has had good results from anywhere within Sydney, Australia. Any recommendations would be great!!! Also, how long should one wait post accutane to receive subcision treatments? Thanks, hotdog1996
  8. Hi everyone, I'm sure there are many posts on here about this, but just wanted some answers straight to me. I've attached photos at the bottom of this post of red marks/hyperpigmentation that's still on my face ONE YEAR post accutane. Not only have they only improved minimally over time, I've had three hyperpigmentation redness treatments performed and my skin still looks like this... Can anyone please suggest some products (other than sunscreen) that may help with the fading of this redne