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  1. I would love to many of you, but I'm afraid we'll just stare at each others zits for about 20 minutes But after that, we definitely gotta party sometime
  2. Geez, people can be such jerkasses. That's why I hate looking at TMZ's website, they leave such vile comments. Some peeps on the internet need to seriously grow up.
  3. Who is this? It looks a bit like John Mayer, but I dont think it is actually him, He is also FIT. i believe Whoever he is, nice bod! :drool:
  4. Have a happy birthday :D Have you gotten your drivers liscence girl?

  5. Not a big fan of them, but for some reason, Green Day got me through alot of my acne period.
  6. This is exactly what I am going through. My face has finally cleared, but I'm still not enthusiastic about life as I should be. There have been many opportunities for me to meet up with other people, but I've completely shut them down and pushed them away. I guess it's from so many years of hiding my acne from others by confining myself at home that I'm stuck in this rut of sorts. I really want to get to know others, but I always shut down when people get too close for comfort. Sure my GPA in sc
  7. absolutely no relevance to your post but YOU HAVE AN X-FILES AVATAR. pardon me while i geek out for a while.
  8. To the OP, to be honest, you won't really become popular as soon as you get to college if you were quiet in high school. The above poster is correct. If you were really antisocial or incredibly shy, there is no way you will be popular in college, unless, you get out of that phase in your life. Take it from me, I was shy throughout my high school years, now I'm into my fourth year , and I'm still more so to myself. Either your cousin was watching some dramatization about college in a movie or th
  9. It's funny really, cause every year at my university, they have this "National screening depression day" or whatever it is in the psychology department. So naturally, I went to it last year, and to my surprise, I was the only person under 30 over there. There were 4 people there in total, and some of them were there just for extra credit! Yeah, so now I just see a counselor in private. The OP is right though, people don't like talking about it. Hell, even in my health class this semestser, my cl
  10. Exactly. My ass sticks out too much for my size, and I wish I could make it smaller. It's genetics really.