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  1. Hey. Sorry, this post'll probably be pretty long, but I am in desperate need of your help. I'm a teenage guy who started a new school last year, but the summer before last year I began to get ALOT of acne. For most people it passes after a while, but its a year later and I have 10 days until school starts again. I still have acne and I'm determined not to repeat last year. So I'm starting the 10 Day Acne Challenge! Over the next 10 days I am going to try and get rid of acne as effectively as po
  2. thankyou so much guys, keep it coming! can somebody tell me..how long does it take before the BP regimen REALLY kicks in and clears you up and how often do you apply it? Cuz Im going on a school trip to Germany for 4 days next Sunday so id like to be cleared up within that time. some more info on BP would be great =)
  3. I dunno its just...my parents would think it was like a little too far to purchase some kinda oxide thing (lol, i cant remember the name) ....is there not like any pills that you can get from a pharmacy for this kind of stuff? Incase you're wondering how bad my acne really is, I have moderate / small ammounts of acne on my forehead..some above my nose...mainly above, around and underneath my mouth and some tiny spots in other random places on my face that arent noticable.
  4. Somethings. Gotta. Give. ARRRRRGH! Okay, seriously. I'm a young guy (not stating my age..but im under 16) and right now im seriously goin through hell that I dont need in my life. Please, dont reply like "dont worry, little boy, puberty passes..." cuz that'll really anger me. Yeah, whatever, im going through puberty. So are all my friends. But NONE of their acne has anything on mine. Seriously..at most my friends would get like one zit a week and it would go the next day...I have massive patche