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  1. First, address the pain. For this the secret is cold. Apply an ice cube wraped in a single sheet of plastic wrap. Apply it directly to the lesion 10 min on/ 10 min off for about an hour. The pain should be greatly reduced. Do this a few times a day. Hope this helps.
  2. Although I have retired after 42 years I spent my career treating people with this condition. I would like to see if I can help you. Will you please email me at [email protected] and tell me exactly what pills your physician is giving you?
  3. This made these healthy parts weaker, as I was stripping away so many of the important natural skin nutrients that the body produces. I'm curious. Exactly what are these "important natural skin nutrients that the body produces. "?????? As a matter of fact what is a "nutrient"?
  4. This sounds more like an allergic reaction to something and not acne. Acne doesnt' itch. Try applying ice to the area and a little cortisone. I'm not sure about why the question about the bug light. BP oxidizes and (although I have nevver tested the theory) I would think that the heat from the bulb would excellerate this making the life shorter. I don't understand why you would put it on a bug lite. Does it have acne?
  5. This is an inflammed lesion. There are basically two types...non-inflammed and inflammed. I can not tell you exactly what type this is without actually examining it, but it would either be a pustule or cyst. Applying ice to the lesion should reduce the redness and soreness. These are also termed "terminating lesions" which means that the problem is naturally resolving itself. Eventually (within the next few days) the "whitehead" should form at the opening of the follicle. There are techn
  6. Actually, we know what causes acne. We have known it for some time. We are still learning what other factors can aggravate the condition. That is still ongoing. Jeff
  7. For right now, let the sebum flow! I know it may seem cosmetically a problem, but sebum movement out of the pore is also carrying dead cells out of the pore which is keeping impaction from developing. Once the follicles are clear, there are things that can be done to reduce sebum flow. But, remember that sebum act in a follicle like water flowing through a sewer pipe. Stop it too much without reducing the material flowing through it and you get a blockage. Jeff
  8. I need to know how long you have been using each product to be able to give you some idea as to what to expect. What you are seeing when you stretch the skin is the impacted follicles. This can have happened 1-2 weeks ago and will continue to mature until they terminate. Just stay on course. Check the labels and look for both glycolic acid and salicylic. How long have you been using the BPO? For right now I would use as little moisturizers as possible. There is a reason for this. Since
  9. Glycolic acid works by disolving the cellular glue which holds cells together. In addition it works in water (meaning that it is hydrolitic). Basically what this means it that it works mostly on the surface of the skin which is good in that it breaks down the hold that retained cells (which should have fallen away) loosen and fall. This helps other medications to penetrate. However, it doesn't have any direct effect on cycts. Although the use of glycolic acid will not affect an existing cy
  10. Wait for 90 days before making an evaluation. At 28 days you have only gone through one cell cycle. Hang in there. Jeff
  11. Well here is your choices. You can put a bag over your face and keep ranting...or you can start again and clear it. You did it before, you can do it again...plus you found your treatment that works. The fact remaines you have acne and you will always have it. Maybe no lesions but the factors which start the breakouts were always there ...lurking and waiting. Just something happened a few weeks before your breakout that triggered the beginning of the breakout. I know it's a pisser...but you
  12. One nice thing about a vacation is most often they will never see you again and you will never see them again. Have Fun
  13. No. Dry skin does not. However, many times people see what they think is dry skin and it is actually cells which have not fallen away. The terms is "Retention Hyperkaratosis" Moisturizers make it less obvious, but actually just glue the dead cells back against the surface and can increase this condition. BP is good against pustules and the like. However those which contain Salacylic Acid are best for cell retention in the pore and Glycolic acids on cell retention on the surface. Hope th