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  1. Just forget about those girls, your too good for them. If they use you and judge you by your acne then their not worth being upset about. You shouldn't be pressured to get a girlfriend just because your friends have one. Forget about acne and get out and be with your friends. I'm sure they don't care about your skin.
  2. The numerous studies showing that meat consumption is linked to cancer are not most likely not taking into account the quality of the meat (e.g. how animal was raised, antibiotics, added hormones, diet fed to animal, etc.). The studies probably just used generic grocery store brand meat that is definitely not healthy. Animals that are free to move around, fed their natural diet, and are free of antibiotics and added hormones have meat that is indeed very nutritious.
  3. Xquis3t, I find it kind of foolish of you to try and tell people on a Nutrition & Holistic health forum that diet is not the main cause acne. This external vs. internal debate can never be resolved because no one fully knows the truth about what causes this skin condition. Many studies have been done on acne, but how many of them are not flawed? As of now, no one is right. You say external damage causes acne, others say diet does. I actually cleared 100% of my acne not just through a 'diet
  4. I eat the exact opposite of that diet, high fat & medium/high protein & low carb, and I cleared my acne in about 4 weeks. I guess different things work for different people, eh?
  5. Who knows? You just have to try them and see for yourself. If they're all natural chicken, apples, bannana's, potato's, and carrots then they could help.
  6. Don't drink lots of milk, diet soda, and lunch meats. Dairy milk is commonly linked to acne and diet soda is just plain unhealthy. Lunch meats are usually low quality meat and have preservitives in them. Keep eating the fruit and eat a good amount of vegetables.
  7. You should get off those antibiotics now! The best approach would be to get some high quality probiotics and replenish your lost good intestinal bacteria. Then start eating healthy, whole, nutrient dense, foods.
  8. LOL Interesting comment... so by this definition the people who eat the most fruits and carbs should be the most deficient in vitamin C. Funny enough, but I don't see raw fooders (who eat 80+% of their calories from fruits) suffering from scurvy or dropping dead from vitamin deficiencies. Seriously man... where did you get that statement? The late and very dead Dr. Atkins? What rakbs said is true. As you know carbohydrates are broken down into glucose. Glucose and ascorbic acid are tr
  9. I demand links, or death. Or you sir, fail hard. Healthoid already did. I remember clicking on it. Just scroll down to his post. Link
  10. It's good to hear that you are going on the Paleo diet. I've gotten completely clear on it.