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  1. Day "A Long Time In"-- Skin-Looking Great. No Breakouts in 5 months. Side Effects-Eczema on my arms and dry skin generally.. Sorry for not updating this but the acne is completely gone! This is almost my year and half mark on the medication!
  2. Day 8-- Skin-No initial breakout! Actives on my cheeks and chin. My forehead seems to be almost cleared up. Side effects-The dreaded chapped lips, dry arms. So this is my second course, as of now i'm not experiencing anything different from before. Hope it keeps continuing in the right direction!
  3. hey lakerchris, a couple of things. You said you'd hope to be clear by december, i agree with the others saying that you will most likely be clear or close to clear by december. I actually started my second course of accutane the same day as you. I'm 16 so yeah, i don't think theres anything especially different for 16 year olds taking it, besides that the dry lips and dry face are annoying as hell! During my first course i was clear by month 2, and i basically had the same type and amount of ac
  4. Well folks, this is sad to say, but I'm going back onto accutane. My first course was the best year of my life so far. I had never had so much confidence and had never felt so happy with myself. But now i'm back to square one and i'll be starting 60 mg in the beginning of June..
  5. Well, it's been awhile since i updated this, but im finally clear, and finally done with accutane. If I was to look back on my experience, It was worth it. Although i can't wait for the eczema and the dry lips and skin to go away, haha. I have my self-confidence back, i got a very handsome new boyfriend, go out way more often and I am just enjoying life more. Accutane is risky, but I went for it, and I have no regrets.
  6. Day 143??-- Skin-Couple of actives Side Effects, dry dry dry lips, random dry patches on my skin, redness, flushing, flaking, and eczema on my arms and handsssssssssss. cold weather is sooooo bad while your on accutaneeeeeeee only 2 more monthssssss
  7. It's up to you. I mean theres a couple of options. You can either: a) wait until after winter b) carry a little tube of moisturizer and lip moisturizer everywhere with you and apply when needed c)try covering your face better when skiing Either way, it's up to you. If you feel like you need your acne to immediately get better, then I'd go for it and just be determined to keep my skin moisturizer no matter what it takes, or just wait until winter is over. The only thing about waiting afte
  8. Day 134-- Skin-3 activessss. No more clogged pores, ohhhhhhh yeahhhh. Side Effects-Flushing, redness, flaking, dry lips, eczema on my arms. Well, besides missing 5 days because of stupidstupidstupid ipledge, everything seems to be moving along!
  9. Day 124-- Skin-4 actives, couple of clogged pores. Side Effects-Flushing, dry, flaky, and red skin and LIPS. Mild eczema on my arms. Ha, well if anyone is still reading this, I went to my derm. for my 5-month appt. He said i'll most likely be on accutane until February. By then it'll be almost 7 months on the drug! WOW But right now, i'm really concerned about my lips. They are so dry that not even aquaphor can heal. They sometimes bleed, which is so embarassing in public. Well, that's it
  10. Day 113-- Skin-Like 2 actives, a bunch of clogged pores. Side Effects-DRY LIPS, eczema on my arms, redness+flushing. Well, like yesterday my skin looked great, then I woke up with a new breakout on my forehead, oh joy. I noticed any new actives I got on accutane all left scars, more than before. Hmmm...well still hoping the breakout stops.
  11. Hey tammy, My derm wants to keep me on for about 6 months, I weigh 65 kg, and I was on 40 mg for the first three months, 60 mg for the fourth(what I am currently on). I think he wants to keep me on longer because my acne was so severe before I started. The dry skin is so annoying! I try to keep it under control with CeraVe. Even though I'm not as close to the end as you are, I still see the light at the end of the tunnel. I mean, I went from almost 100 active pimples, down to 5; and I am still
  12. Day 106-- Skin-Old actives are healing! One new whitehead on my chin since I last posted/ Side Effects-FLAKY SKIN! Redness, dry lips. I honestly have never flaked this much. I reapply moisturizer once every hour, and I've tried like 5 different moisturizers and none of them can control it, except moderately CeraVe. Well whatever, at least my breakouts are healing! Kisspin--Thanks for the encouragement! I was really down that day now that I look at my post, lol. I think I just got caught up r
  13. "People would pay thousands for that beautiful color hair! Oh, and those are the prettiest eyes I have ever seen!" haha if my skin wasn't so bad maybe I would get that more often...