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  1. Looks like some pus. Wait it out for a few days. You should be cool, try to add some alcohol to the area to disinfect it
  2. Hi, if none of the products you used worked for you please try the caveman regimen. Search it up, a good source is the Love Vitamin. I think it will help your skin a lot. And please don't ever pick at your skin
  3. For me, it took a good month before purging stopped. It really depends on the person
  4. This is definitely not good for you skin. Get off roaccutane, get on caveman regimen
  5. The problem with the acne product industry is that they suck people like us in. See some acne, and go find a solution. These solutions however trap people in so they can never get out, and keep buying products. Proactiv/ epiduo have benzoyl peroxide, which causes extreme stress on the skin and may get better over a few months, but you will see the side effects like I have. Your skin texture changes, it stops working over time, and if you try to stop you break out like crazy, being forced to buy
  6. Cave man regimen. You are ruining your skin by topping on layers of chemicals onto your skin.. You see a breakout, more products. And that process repeats itself all over again. Ditch the products, and go search up caveman regimen on google and go to the lovevitamin website. My skin is acne free, and I don't have to use any products anymore. This saved my life.
  7. That's called the magic of dermatology my friends.. hook you in with products, and trap you when you try to get out. Good luck. I recommend the caveman regimen. If you stick with it, I think all your problems will go away. You're ruining your skin by putting all these chemicals on it.
  8. You're crying over that? You should see my face.. I would thank god to have your skin
  9. Use just enough benzoyl peroxide to cover your entire face, a small thin layer. Keep it at that amount until you are not flaking anymore , and then slowly ramp it up. With this your flakiness should go away by July.