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  1. Scars under angled lighting.
  2. Need suggestions for trustworthy dermatologists in or around the San Antonio area, preferably acne/scar specialists. Once the breakouts are done with, I plan to dive headfirst into PIE and scar revision treatments. I've used editing to highlight just how bad my skin situation is
  3. Month 1 of Tazorac. Been breaking out like crazy along the jawline where I rarely get any pimples, I read it takes at least 3 months to see some improvement so I'm going to stick it out 2 more months. Also thinking of getting vbeam or some type of PDL treatment for the horrible skin tone/ blotchy redness once the active acne clears, has any one had any positive experience with vbeam or other similar treatments?
  4. Thank you for the response! The acne is my number one priority at the moment. The derm I went to ( who is the first dermatologist I've seen in the 6 years I've had acne) gave me samples of the tazorac .05 cream to use at night which he says will get rid of the acne and scars in a month (bull s***) and some clindamycin foam for at night which I haven't used yet. He also didn't mention anything about moisturizer The past 9 days I've used the tazorac my skin felt extremely tight after washing wi
  5. Hey guys, new to this site and need some good advice/ recommendations on some treatments or reliable dermatologists that specialize in acne and scars in the San Antonio area. Haven't seen anyone with skin as damaged as mine and need to get it fixed no matter the cost I'm currently using tazorac .05 cream once a night and cetaphil gentle cleansing bar in the morning and before applying the taz, haven't been moisturizing the past 9 days I've been on this routine and definitely see that the scars