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  1. Ooh can't wait to try this. I'm scared about ulcer issues though b/c my mom has had problems with that. Oceanmist, thanks for the tip. I thought fish oil worked best for hormonal imbalances, so maybe that's why it didn't help you too much? Maybe women have more hormonal issues or something...
  2. Well I heard some people take around 200 mg of spiro, but b/c I don't have breakouts all over, I was planning on doing a small dose in combination w/my Yasmin, which I heard has drosporinine (sp?), something similar to spiro--maybe ask for just like 25-50 mg. Hopefully with small doses I won't have tiredness, but I'm more concerned with the peeing! Right now with the Yasmin I'm peeing constantly, and it is worse when I drink decaf coffee, so not sure if I can handle anymore peeing! Overall I do
  3. Hi I had posted a few times about hormonal breakouts where I normally have clear skin but the week before that time of the month, I will sometimes get a huge breakout. I fear taking way too many medecines, vitamins, and supplements so I wanted some general advice. Because my problem is not major, I'm try to sort this out through nutritionally... Right now I'm on Yasmin, and ever day I take the GNC Women's multivitamin and a potassium tablet (usually potassium b/c of my running). Sooo, to deal w
  4. Thanks for the chromium info. What does that translate into for mcg? My multi vitamin has 120 mcg chromium and I was thinking of adding just a small bit to that. Wow how do you get a chromium deficiency and what are the symptoms? ha and yeah my whole face is generally clear and then every so often I have one spot that is SO noticeable! I'm so confused about all these vitamins/supplements I've been reading about on this site. So far I've come up with fish oil, chromium, primrose oil, green tea
  5. You might have trouble adding spiro with your exercise routine. It will make you more tired and dehydrated. Also, you would not be able to take additional potassium supplements if you took it. Have you tried all those additional supplements? Sounds like some nutrition adjustments might work for you to. As for it working? Yes, it does work but there are side effects.
  6. Hi I posted something similar in the fish oil thread but thought I'd post here too b/c I have been reading about spiro lately... I on the whole have very clear skin. I'm a 25-year-old Asian female, and whenever I do get breakouts, they are almost always on my chin area or around the mouth. I notice that I usually get a breakout once a month before "that time of the month." I'm on the pill Yasmin and the week before that time of the month, I have a bit of water weight gain, some moodiness, and o
  7. Thanks! Yeah I figure can't hurt to try. I ordered those Member's Mark fish oil pills from Amazon but they don't get here for a few days at least, so I'm antsy. I know the whole bit about breaking out before that time of the month sounds normal, but what I think is not normal is how big a breakout it is when it does actually happen. And nothing I do seems to help except waiting for a week or so. For so long I've had a diet very low in fats (including good fats), so the fish oil thing sounded lik
  8. Hi everyone I found this threat VERY interesting. I always considered myself very knowledgeable about food and nutrition and have read a lot about vitamins that are good for the skin, but I never really considered fish oil. I always thought of fish oil as good for the heart and people with cardiovascular problems or something. Anyway, I'm interested in starting fish oil to help a bit with my pretty mild acne. Here's my situation: I on the whole have clear skin, very nice skin. I'm a 25-year-old
  9. Thanks. My multi has 250 mg Magnesium in it. How much do you recommend above this? I'm not sure what the other 2 things are. Do you think vitamins and/or fish oil can really help my problem? I feel stuck b/c I don't feel my skin is bad enough to go to a dermatologist (never been to one and not sure if my health insurance covers it now), but on the other hand benzoyl peroxide and sal. acid help to prevent a bit but really doesn't help once I have the breakout. I also would rather not ingest med
  10. I actually already take a multi-vitamin everyday that has vitamin B-6 in it (4000%). I also take potassium. Vitamins have helped but not enough...
  11. Hi, I don't really have horrible acne but I do break out about once a month usually right before that time of the month. The breakout is almost always on my chin area or around the mouth, so I know this is hormonal. If I am really stressed, then I usually will break out as well. I don't get a breakout every month though--on the whole my skin is pretty clear, just gets a bit oily once in a while. Anyway, my problem is that even though I don't get breakouts all that often, when I do, they are KILL