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  1. Well ive had acne since i was about 15. I went on accutane this summer and in a month i went off cos the derm said i didnt need it and my face was clear. He put me on this desonide cream for my redness. Now 2 months off accutane and im getting these really irritating whiteheads. I use to squeez them but i dont want to do that now because it can damage my skin more.. ANYONE GOT ANY SUGGESTIONS?????... Yea very bad pics.... i knoo. LEFT SIDE: RIGHT SIDE:
  2. You are most welcome! Good Luck!!

  3. Hi there! I replied on my post..but just in case, the cream:

    Hydroquinone USP 4% :)

  4. hey i was just wondring wat cream you were put on for rednesss.. im on denonide cream or sumthin cos i jus got off accutane after only a month and i have redness now.... btw you look awesomeeeeeee
  5. Goodluck with accutane ... and the IB is all on how your body takes accutane.. im almost done one month of my corse and i didn have a IB yet *crosses fingers*... So dont get stressed bout itt jus be coo
  6. HAHA ma badddd but when would i put it on because i have to have my gel and toner thing on in the morning and night soo a little confusion LOL
  7. Im on 40mg's and my face is reallly clearing up. ive neen on Acutanne for about 2 ad a half weeks almost 3. MY FACE IS REALLLLLY DRY.. whats the bet way to make it un dry lol.
  8. dont worryy bout it... you will be clear and have 3 years to get laid .... thas alot of time can do it millions of times..... jus chillllll
  9. Yea i read your whole log...that was amazinggg stufff dudee...my acne isnt as bad as when u started but WOW UR FACE IS A MILLION TIMES BETER NOW SOoo..... congratulationss man u did it .... go get laid or something
  10. this may sound stupid but is it bad that i didnt break out the first week i have been on accutane??