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  1. Imbue, The chemist I pay once a month to prepare the bottles at his lab gave me the information about a month ago. He gets some type of advisories? (I don't know what to call them) each month on FDA changes or standards on chemicals and their uses or how they are prepared, something of the sort. That's really all I know. It is worrisome though. I know a while back the FDA came to a ruling on Glycolics (Apha's) Here is an insert below so it stands to reason TCA will be next! I agree with Richard
  2. I have to disagree with Richard. (hi Richard) All the plastic surgeons I worked for over the years always always suggested a lower strength peel first. Of course they would have made more money this way but you never know how a persons skin will react to a tca peel and when doing them at home always better safe than sorry. I certainly don't think anyone should jump into a 25% or higher peel for their first peel, at home, without knowing how the skin reacts to a 12.5%. Our 12.5% is "real" 12.5%
  3. I guess I'm a little biased but it depends on the skin. Some find the 12.5% very strong while others find its too weak for their skin. Always start low and work your way up.
  4. The skin is tough on the knees and you would only be using a 12.5% solution. On skin this tough the 12.5% won't go deep enough to peel in thick sheets. It sloughs off.
  5. I do and have used TCA on my knees. Of course I did not use the 25% tca but the 12.5% tca works well and I did not use ointment except at bedtime and wrapped my knees in plastic wrap. (pretty sight and my husband appreciated it ) I have done some experiments using the 12.5% tca without applying any ointment on different body parts (not face) and it has gone very well with no problems. I think it takes longer to peel but I can handle that without all the greasy stuff!
  6. Ok I just put up new new picts of Tracy (and her cat lol) during and after her peel. http://home.earthlink.net/~tcapeels/id1.html
  7. Chappy Postal service is pretty fast normally! Tracy- You crazy girl! Your whole forehead is your patch test??? killercupcake-No makeup it will look worse! I promise! Some may think the fan is silly until they go running for it! trieditall-I don't really know about ingesting Collagen, sorry. In my opinion, I think collagen stimulation may occur when the skin is damaged in any controlled manner such as with laser and chemical peels. jc-Asprin on forehead excellent!!! p.s. I am
  8. 100% comes in both forms. Premixed or crystals.
  9. Possible idea. Maybe it would numb the skin and you wouldn't feel the burn! Of course you could drink a few and that would numb the skin too without messing up your TCA /
  10. manic, yes its me and thank you...I think.. Its me, my husband, kids and dog! animegirle You are cute as a button! I want those brows!
  11. ohhh since I don't cook or even make kool-aid, a multi purpose astringent/after peel refreshment sounds promising!
  12. 100% hyaluronic acid is MAJOR expensive running about $10,000.00 per kg wholesale. I wish I could afford it! I have it injected into my lips as a filler and it works GREAT Restylane®!!(not the same) Although Restylane is not derived from animal sources. Anyway, I would love to know the company that distributes 100% hyaluronic products! Thank You!! Here's some info on it Restylane Generic Name: non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid (NASHA) injectable gel Approved: December 12, 2003 Comp
  13. tj101 Trial size tca would be TINY since a full size bottle is only 1/2 ounce! lol A trial size would still cost the same in shipping and I couldn't go down that much on the price as after all my costs are covered I don't make that big a profit! Now 30 bucks or so for 8-10 facial peels is pretty darn good! I had to stop sending samples out for this month I went way way over the freebie budget, but may return to some freebies next month! killercupcake-I'm a risk taker when it comes to ne
  14. Maya, You should be fine for tomorrow. All men over 60 huh? MMM sounds very...um..ewww That's what I want to see a bunch of old guys stretching in positions that "I hear" cause flatulence! hahahah
  15. Maya, You shouldn't be wrinkled with the 12.5 just rough feeling but you might be lucky and be a slow peeler who won't notice a difference until the 3rd day! One coat is mild and shouldn't be too bad at all. Unless your trying to pick up a man as you wouldn't want a big piece of dried skin hanging off your nose looking like something else. :oops: But I know your going to set a good example and do your test spot first.