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  1. woop woop, not long left now and i'm done. Sking is looking good, no ad breakouts for a good month now. Just hope it doesn't return like last course but i know it is very likely. No side effects except dryish skin/lips.....so it's all goood nick
  2. Week 16ish. I have been on 80mg for the past 3 weeks, but i am still getting the occassional breakout on the jawline...nothing too bad though and a deffinate improvement from the begining of the course. Just another month and 1/2 to go and hopefully i should be clear, fingers crossed! Side effects: dry skin/lips. nick
  3. Day 52, I have been missing a few doses the past 2-3 weeks, have been really busy and forgetting to take them. I need to get into a pattern of taking at a certain time of the day. Overall, skin looking very good, have one active spot on under jawline, not really visible, side effects - just dry skin and lips. Will be going away to cyprus for two weeks so have to be careful of the sun. All is good tho! Nick
  4. Day 33: Skin has been looking great the last 3/4 days and only have two small actives that are drying up....so overall very happy with the way my skin is looking at this stage. One side effect i had in my first course was being tired most of the time and tis has just started, it doesn't really effect me too much tho because i play lots of sports and work out 4 days a week which keeps me awake. No joint problems or stiffness yet ...touch wood...i didn't really get this sde effect in my first cou
  5. day 27: had another breakout about week ago, but has cleared up nicely and skin is starting to look how it was after my first course. stated getting the odd headache evey now and then which i remember having on 1st course so things running smoothly so far. nick
  6. Day 17: Well, i had quite a bad breakout about 5 days ago, but is clearing up alittle around the mouth. I have 3 large pimples on my forehead, which is unusual as i never really get spots there. My forehead feels more oily than usual tho. I think that my skin will start to get bit drier from now, my lips are deffinatley getting more dry as i have to apply vasaline every 2-3 hours. Side effect: dry skin, slight headache (more down to not drinking enough water). Facial flushing (which i got on
  7. day 10: Well really 8 days as i missed my dose on the last two days. Already my skin is drying up and becoming slightly flakey, skin is looking much better, the big actives have gone down and have faint red marks. Bumbing the dose upto 50mg a day now and try and get this cumulative dose achieved in 4 months. Nick
  8. Hey, 1st course lasted about 5/6 months on 60mg and was very happy with results about 3 months into it. I had 7/8 months remission and has just started coming back the last month or two. I had acne on my back and quite bad on my chest but these areas have remained very clear ever since month 2 of my first accutane course. Just have acne on my face, mainly around the mouth area and is the type that scars very easily, still have pic scars from before On my 3rd day, starting at 40mg and then wil
  9. I'm on summer break now, dont go back till mid september :) My skin is looking ok, had a big spot on my neck whch is almost gone now tho and generally skin is looking good. I had quite bad acne on my chest, but have no spots there at all now, i have these little white bumps tho, i think they are scars, arg i wish i never picked them, there not too bad tho, can only notice them in bright light. What type of work you looking to get? Nick
  10. Hey Tammy, sorry, been awhile, very busy atm but my skin is looking good. Had a breakout about 2 weeks ago which freaked me out alittle because i thought it was just going to get really bad. They are only minor tho compared to what i used to get. My lips are still dry tho, the one side effect that has stayed with me, aint no big deal tho, vasaline does the trick. Hope all is well with you TC tammy Nick
  11. Hey Tammy, A few spots have come the last 3 days around my cheek areas, not too bad though. My nose seems to have a few more blackheads. I think it will calm down soon, i get these breakouts once every 2 weeks but they are not bad and when it clears it looks good. Maybe a sign that accutane effect are wearing of alittle for me? Been nice a warm over here the last few days and is good to be out in the sun. Hope everything is good with you. Take care, Nick
  12. Hey Tammy, About 5 months post tane now!! and still pretty happy with the results, i still get a few spots now and again but nothing like before. I still have dry skin and lips which i thought would go by 2 months. It's not too bad i only need to moisturize after a shower and vasaline my lips morning and night. I notice that in the mornings there is more facial oil when i was on tane so maybe it's coming back slowely? glad you're happy with your skin TC Nick
  13. The last 2-3 weeks my skin has been looking the best it's been. I was getting worried about a month ago because i had a little breakout and thought it was coming back but it cleared quickly. The spots on my arms have gone now but still have little lumps on the back of my arms but they seem to be clearing very slowely. One thing that has stayed is i still get flushing quite easily, especially when i'm working out, but if i get slightly embaressed i go quite red which i don't think happened before
  14. Hey Tammy, Sorry i havn't posted, my laptop has been away for repairs but everything working now. Face is looking good but i am getting quite a few whiteheads on the back of my arms? i have a really big spot where my TB jab also and it is quite painfull. I moisturize my arms twice a day so i don't know what is causing it. maybe working out? my arms have got alot bigger in the last 3 months...who knows Anywaz, i hope you are ok and you're skin is still looking good. Take care, Nick
  15. Wow...didn't realise you had to wait a year to give blood. Yea i think it is something to do with your skin still being sensitive and may not heal right after the tatoo. I'm sure there is solid advice on the net somewhere. Had a breakout about 6 days ago...2 big spots on my jawline and quite a few little white heads around my cheek and nose area, they have all gone down now and my face is looking as good as before but...i have two huge spots on my arm with little white heads at the end, very sor