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  1. ah id never heard of dermobrasion before now...
  2. nah, it is. it just blasts small particles at the skin and unclogs the pores Does nowt for scarring
  3. yeah I agree Jordan. Accutane is probably the best approach for the vast majority of the population. But I found the side effects pretty bad, also developed liver issues (very rare apparently) Dermobrasion and the like I think are the next best alternative and worth considering
  4. Iv used accutane twice now, and after 6mths or so of coming off have relapsed. Although im not entirely sure of this - I dont think they would recommend the laser surgery on 'active' acne. I think its more for scarring I tend to opt for microdermabrasion. Again its not a perminant fix but it does help All the best mate
  5. Im the same, im 26 yrs old and suffered for 11yrs....anyway, went for a laser skin resurfacing consultation and they suggested I should just do the left side of my face as it was worse. Anyway, it was due to cost £1500 per cheek so i quickly made my excuses!
  6. i took two courses of the stuff and stull get badly chapped lips
  7. no idea to be honest, thats an interesting article, ill look into that Might have spoke too soon I fear. Bad breakout today again. Gutted
  8. yeah, gave up cheese as well. I really struggle to avoid cheese and yohgut but its a price im willing to pay. Shame, used to be totally hooked on pizzas!!
  9. id say roaccutane and anxiety are linked, iv took two courses and suffer now. A couple of my mates who've taken it also experience this
  10. Hi - just thought id raise this topic, sure its been discussed before many times.... Had bad acne on my face for 10 years. Had every drug possible, including accutane twice.. Laser surgery, microdermobrasion, you name it iv done it...!!! Anyway... recently gave up dairy produce and my face has totally cleared up Just thought id share it, although this prob wont work for everyone its certainly worth a try. Took me 10 years to work this out!! All the best