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  1. Alright, So I have fairly mild acne nowdays--maybe one or two small spots at any given time. My problem? Cysts--these huge swollen lumps! They come out of nowhere and look so terrible! It would be one thing if I had very obviously bad acne, but the fact that there's a single giant red swollen lump on my cheek constantly oozing is driving me nuts. Why? D#$)*%#
  2. heh I like the replies She may not know that it's BP, but she may notice that my skin tastes...wierd. And kissing isn't always on the lips
  3. Last night a terrible thought occurred to me. Could she taste the BP? Would she notice? I'd been wearing moisturizer, so I hoped that's what she might taste (though she didn't say anything, so I didn't press the issue). Any stories about this?
  4. Use humor. Nobody wins if you start crying, arguing, or just turn more red from embarassment. At least if you make them laugh they'll know you have a good sense of humor.
  5. Well, no date tonight for me. I thought it was Thursday night ARGH! Why are you people on the board?
  6. Hey, You're strong Makaveli, I can tell. You'll make it through just fine. Something I learned: Just get up and go without looking in the mirror once. DON"T LOOK! Avoid it like the plague. When you get out of the shower, be thankful the mirror is fogged. Once your medication has kicked in, wait a week without looking in the mirror once, then just have a peep from good lighting, about 10 feet away. Without having time to scour your face it will improve immensely. Love, Hunter
  7. What? like you can't prove they did it? "I swear this medical equipment isn't mine! Where did this steam room come from? Those aren't my needles!"
  8. AARGH! If I apply the BP anywhere near my eyes ( and the closest I can get is my cheeks) they get watery and I can barely see! I applied a bunch of Moisturizer to combat it, but its still terrible. Does this go away, or is it time to invest in chemical goggles?
  9. Hey Board, I did the regimen religiously for about 4 months. It sucks, but it was totally worth the clear face. Anyways, about a month into it (my face was so much better!!), my life's biggest crush came out of the blue and told me she had liked me for YEARS! Of course like anyone on medication, I told myself I'd fixed my acne treatment and I was cured. Big mistake. Not only that, but I forgot about my old habits...like picking at my face. Anyways, she's been gone for a week and will
  10. Nah I say get a couple of your nerdy severely acne clad buddies to help you surround her and formally induct her into the acne posse. I'm sure that would be worth the laugh. Seriously, I think it's humorously ironic but be the bigger man and maybe she'll learn.
  11. Hey Dan, I totally appreciate everything you've done in creating this site, the regimen, and this friendly environment. I've had moderate acne for the last 3 years and I tried everything to fix it but at most I got mild results. It's been three weeks since I started your regimen and I've only had 4 pimples, and every day its getting better. There were times when I wouldn't want to wake up because I'd look in the mirror and see a new handful of pimples that would take days or weeks to
  12. Hey everyone this is my first post! I've been reading the boards for a while, but I thought this thread deserved some say. I totally agree with Tai and Allen. I've been fighting acne throughout high school and into college, but it's never cut me short. I realized that nobody cares about my face the way I do. People don't stare at the tiny pimples on my face like I do. It's not always as bad as what you see in the mirror (because lets admit it, we're about two inches from the mirror lookin