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  1. To people with Acne, Bacne, Cystic Acne and related skin disorders: Ive been dealing with Cystic Acne on the back and chest for the beginning of this year and have done lots of research. I thought i would share some of my research so we can all be better informed on what might be going on with our bodies. I have reason to believe that ALOT of acne is brought on by Hormone imbalance and extreme hormonal swings. Oily Skin? Oily Forehead and scalp? Increased Testosterone production is rela
  2. "DHT has been isolated as the primary cause for both male pattern baldness and acne. Additionally, women with higher-than-normal levels of DHT commonly have some male gender-specific characteristics such as lip hair and low voice. Pharmacological Uses" http://www.humanhormones.com/category/steroids/androgens/
  3. The Sun, Go to the beach for a week see what happens
  4. Well i figured out what is causing my acne It is definitely not Dirt. I stopped taking Bodybuilding Whey Supplements and i have had no new active cysts forming. Foods high in protein caused acne to form, I also stopped drinking lots of milk. Research: Injesting Protein increases Testosterone, and insulin levels in the body. Testosterone on the other hand stimulates your Oil glands and they go crazy "Protein in Latin means "above all else." Protein stimulates the hormone glucagon an
  5. Lots of Protein Raises Testosterone, Testosterone fluctuation = acne. Thats why Vegetarian diet works. Eat only burgers, high protein foods all day and see how much breakouts you get.
  6. one more thing, does the color fade back to the color of the skin or is it still red?
  7. its testosterone that affects my acne, Alcohol messes with the level, Protein, and masturbation has an effect on it. Milk = hormones also effect hormones Body is not used to the sudden change of this hormone, but i think that it will go away eventually once the skin gets used to it.
  8. I set up an appt with Derm to get some. My quesiton now is how long before the Cortisone starts to work, I set it up 2 days before i leave for vacation, I had an option to do it 4 days before, Whats better>???
  9. Need to minimize the size of my cysts in up to a week, Will cortisone Injections help me at all?
  10. Its the [email protected]#@ hormones im 21 male and been having back acne for the past 3 months. Not even a sign of acne before that then BOOM. Got tested have lots of Free testosterone in my body, Eventually i was told this will correct itself, Hormones are FUN dont mess with them.
  11. Ha ha not that extreme, i went out for 1 hour today. But ill take your advice and start @ 8am bright and early.
  12. Ok got some bacne on my back, Going on vacation in 2 weeks, i will be exposed on the beach. I will do anything to minimize the appearance of acne. ANYTHING All i have to do it look decent on the beach, after that i don't care how bad acne gets... I was thinking of tanning every other day for the next 2 weeks, any thing i should be worried about?
  13. Browsing the internet i found this article: "The public weighs in – common misconceptions about acne and hair loss lead to purchasing ineffective products and passing misinformation America’s population of teenagers and adults are often subjected to poor information on the causes of acne and hair loss, and the result is poor choices and results when using treatments for these afflictions, according to Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Alex Khadavi. These findings are based on long term r
  14. ================ BP experiment @ bottom. ================= Ok let me start by thanking Acne.org for educating me on the different types of acne and treatments available, You guys ROCK This is my story, First let me start by saying, my Dad, and Uncle both had acne when they were younger (21-25) (Now they are clear) I am not sure if the following are causes but things that changes i made in my diet/lifestyle before the acne breakouts. -Started working out / body building -Protein Shakes (