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  1. Go on accutane that's a good decisions....
  2. I feel that life is hard as it is and to suffer from severe acne it's like a handicap specially when you can't even look yourself in the mirror. It's really hard. And I care more then now what people say and care about me cause I easily get anxiety from everything...which is not good since stress is not good for the skin....
  3. All these feelings are understandable and part of the process when you have acne
  4. Yeh it's not an excuse to be mean...But a lot of the sufferers are still nice people who are bitter cause they get compared with people who doesn't suffer from the same acne as themselves. You can't do anything about it but if you have been bullied and tormented and pulled down, then that's really sad and the people who bullies shouldn't get away with it...Being bitter and mean is not the same thing. Most of the severe sufferers have so bad self-esteem that they don't even have the strenght to b
  5. I know people in their forthies who have bad acne....
  6. I think it sounds great...To get it out about the prejudiced view, the depression that comes with it, humiliation, the emotional and psychological effects...
  7. I don't think that people who are depressed because of acne use it as an excuse....allthough you can choose your attitute towards the severe ones are so bad that it's like an handicap. Specially the sensitive one's
  8. I have red that every third 17-year old has the thype of acne that needs treatment...not like the picture but from moderate to severe...or that in a class of 30 students 10 of them bothering acne and out of them three has severe...but this statistic is from Sweden....
  9. It's the same with me..it started out non-inflammed to become seriously inflammed....
  10. I hate it when people question my behaviour it's like look at my skin and the hell I've been through in the past even before...Anyone would be seriously handicapped
  11. I join the list...I'm seriously handicapped and people don't recognize me anymore....
  12. That was actually good question. I have wondered that too.
  13. It can always get better and we can change our attitute (which I haven't alltough I try cause I'm so ugly and have ugly scars alltough I'm really pretty), but I hope others can and get out of this misery. But then again nothing is black or white