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  1. do you put this on your back and then you wash it off?? do you put it on for 15 mins then wash it off in the shower? or do you put it on over night and wash it off next morning?? how do you delute it? do you mix it with tea tree oil? HELP
  2. http://i358.photobucket.com/albums/oo26/Bo...22/Photo433.jpg that is how bad I am peeling on the 2nd day. Im sure it will keep peeling and be better sometime this week. Its not bad at all. BUT I CANT PICK any of it off because it will scar my face... so i feel like a monster right now.. I am staying in and making a dress sewing a lot! hehe
  3. There was no consultation I just went in and had her do it. You do not need insurance to go there I dont have insurance i just pay 125 flat rate and YES YES YES it will help you get rid of all the red marks because that was my main problem if you look at my older pics from my older posts. I had horrible red marks and they are GONE! with my 2nd treatment all the way gone. As for the irritation not really I just peeled for like 2 days and thats it! Peeling is good though it really helps the skin c
  4. honestly look at my posts I posted tons of pictures of how bad my acne was. ITS GONE!!!! all gone due to chem peels. If you get them once a month its AMAZING. i am going to keep getting them. they really even the skin out and everything. they are only 125 thats NOTHING!
  5. I had the B Lift chemical peel which is salicylic acid its AMAZING!!!! This is my 3rd one today. I swear on everything i had the WORST chin acne EVER and now i have nothing not even any scars. I am so amazed. And yes ZINC is the best thing ever for your skin I am using Skin Ceuticals ultimate uv defense spf 30 it contains ZINC oxide Z-Cote. I cannot believe how well my face has heeled up. I can now start acting again i am so happy.. I am not using anything else. Its all so amazing. I go to MID
  6. So I have had 2 chemical peels and i am getting another tomorrow and let me just say WOW WOW WOW my skin was HORRIFYING before and Now its amazingly clear!!!! I am also using ZINC sunscreen every single morning. This is unbelievable I have tried EVERYTHING before this Meds Creams every single thing. Name something I bet you I tried it! and Now chem peels were all i needed!!!! Im sooo happy Here is my face now! my picture didnt show!!!!!! <a href="http://s358.photobucket.com/albums/oo26/
  7. I had a chemical peel... I hear this is about the same as a chemical peel
  8. can i just get it on my chin and thats it??? or do i have to do the whole face? because if i have to do the whole face i dont want to do it at all/... thank you
  9. please keep me posted on this for sure! i am going to get it done very soon as well.. Is your acne bad? mine is ok.. I have it all over my chin and thats it. here are pictures of myself tell me if we compare at all thank you http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/mm127/UgotMayle/acne1.jpg http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/mm127/UgotMayle/acne5.jpg http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/mm127/UgotMayle/acne2.jpg http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/mm127/UgotMayle/D2.jpg please keep me posted on this
  10. can you tell me where in the world you are going for 250 a treatment??? that is soooo good. wow let me know thank you
  11. oh 2.5? I bought some at the store thats 10% i want the strongest toughest one for sure
  12. The dans regimin stuff. What is the percentage of the Benzoyl peroxide?? please let me know so i can go ahead and order it thank you all
  13. My mom is a nurse and she told me that its not healthy at all.. I will ask her why again.
  14. HAHAHAH my teeth its my Night Guard sorry.. I grind my teeth at night... So where can I find Dans Regimen? Thank you so much
  15. I wont do birth control my mom got breast cancer due to it!