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  1. i always check Paula's Choice (now www.beautypedia.com) but I don't see that specific version of Makeup Forever foundation listed. She really likes the ingredients in their Powder Foundation, their Duo-Matte Powder Foundation and their Mat Velvet + Mattifying Foundation. She is VERY good at examining all the ingredients to see what might possibly you break out! PS i am on 100 mg of Spiro and thinking of adding a low maintenance dose of Accutane (maybe 40 mg every other day --- or even just 4
  2. Anyone taking Spiro/Aldactone WITH Accutane? I'm on 100 mg daily of spiro, which has helped some, & wanted to try a minimal (every other day?) Accutane for a few months. FYI I've done FOUR other rounds of Accutane which always worked great while on the regime but the effects did not last...
  3. ALMOST 100% GONE! My routine of faithfully using Metrogel + Minocin (and nothing else but sunscreen) has almost killed the S. Dermatitis completely. I'm going to start to ease off the Minocin this week... !!!!
  4. I had it for perhaps 3 weeks without visiting my dermatologist. Finally I thought ~ HEY! THIS ISN'T ACNE! So I went in & she knew right away what it was. All around nose, b/n nose & mouth, chin & a bit on cheeks. THEN it spread to my eyelids & undereye area! (Hard to wear Metrogel there...) I'm female & it helps not to use makeup but I do when I've got to go somewhere important. She prescribed the Metrogel, then added the Minocin when I called her to say it was wors
  5. This is my first time and it is SLOW going to get it better!!! (However, my dermo told me to expect 4 to 6 weeks in recovery, even using both Metrogel & Minocin.) I have been out of town and I think the relaxation plus the meds has halted the spread of this stuff and started to calm it down. IT IS NO FUN. I am back home in LA now & it's so hot that I'm trying a little Neosporin today to give some relief. Good Luck!!!
  6. wellllllll... that's certainly a new solution!
  7. I need to start a new thread to see if anyone out there has conquered seboherric dermatitis. I have it around my nose (badly) all over my chin & now on both eyelids & under my eyes!!! Being female, makeup should help cover it in some places but I've been told to use my 1. Metrogel and not much else on my skin; just very mild soap. So I've given up my Tazorac and daily AHA 2% (can't wait to see the additonal break-outs that will no doubt ensue...) I am still on 75 mg of Aldactone for
  8. FYI... my (Very Good) derm here in the US prescribed : Metrogel 2x day - month Minocin 100mg 2 x day - month for my SD. I'm with you -- I hate this redness & flakiness & on top of it all, acne too! My acne had gotten so much better with spiro, now this!
  9. I'm not on birth control w/ spiro and it was never mentioned. I am now on fewer pills than EVER cuz spiro is working! Bummer is, I just got some bad dermatitis (from stress, they say) and it's so ugly it's ruining my joy at my pure sprio skin! I guess it takes forever to get rid of too. Crud. Cram. Fill in your own swear word here _______ !!! LOVE LOVE LOVE SPIRO.
  10. I combined my Spiro with daily use of Paula's Choice Beta Hydrogy Acid (i use the 2% liquid) and the combination of the two has been amazing on deep cysts, regular pimples, bumps, tiny whiteheads and blackheads. I'd been SO annoyed with chest & neck breakouts of SO MANY small and often very red bumps. These are amazingly GONE. Please note that I generously use the BHA all over these areas. Use it BEFORE any hair products in case the overspray, etc is affecting skin.
  11. That is one of my favorite quotes ever... I've found nothing kills my sex drive like a face full of acne. Oh my heavens I am laughing like a lunatic! And I've been worried since starting my first BCP ever last night (Ortho lo) and worrying endlessly about this!!! I will keep your quote in mind as I see what side effects come my way...
  12. Ladies, Spiro is really working for me as well. On average it takes about 3 months, however I have seen LOTS of improvement in 7 weeks. My acne was mainly cheeks, chin and some jawline. As I sit here I do not have any deep ones, just a few small inflamed spots and some blackheads. I take 25 mg (2x day) for a mere 50 mg total. My dermo says that is generally all it takes...that and patience. I use Cetaphil to cleanse, then Paula's Choice Beta Hydroxy Acid Liquid (2%) in AM. At night I use
  13. i have to say, i lost weight just being on spiro...tell her to drink tons of water & see what happens! i think Weight Watchers is the tried & true no matter whatever the latest fad is