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  1. Yea I did just a couple minutes ago, they only prescribe the usual, some calamine lotion and anti histamines in case it starts itching.. after they crust over can you go to the beach and get some sun? alternatively I'm thinking about salt baths, is that a good idea?
  2. I'm 23 and I'm getting chicken pox, it's been the second day and besides my body I have some on my forehead, nose, chin and scalp but thankfully the eruptions don't itch at all.. What can I do to prevent further eruptions from appearing? and after they crust over what can I do to make them go away faster? my skin generally takes a while to heal and I don't want to have scars for the following months, I have a job and I'm already starting to feel depressed about this Advice on oils and foods to
  3. I'm going to try this. I went to the beach this summer(didn't go for years!) twice and spent only 20/30 minutes in the sea water and that was enough to clear my back acne almost 100% not to mention the skin texture, it felt different, much softer. The effect lasted about one and half weeks before new breakouts. I hope the sea salt water has the same effect or close to real sea water.
  4. I've recently read this article about BP and skin aging and cancer http://www.bion-research.com/benzoyl_perox...skin_damage.htm I've been using it for almost two years and while it helped a lot I'm willing to try something different because, first I don't wanna speed up the skin aging process and second it doesn't clear me up 100% and dramatically reduces skin healing, I have red spots that take months to heal.. I use 10% strength I'd like to hear from people who have been using the stuff for m
  5. It's the lightning. If you have different mirrors at home in different places you'll find that you look different in each of them.
  6. I think masturbation might have something to do with acne. There are many different things that cause acne and everyone is different, otherwise we all would be using the same anti acne product. What I notice in my own experience is that too much of it makes me break out, too little makes me break out as well but a couple days a week seems to be fine. Recently I took DHEA and it made me break out like I never did after using BP.. Althoug my back is pretty clear and I also tend to have acne on my
  7. Personally I wouldn't get on accutane unless I tried everything first and if my acne was very very bad. I heard about people getting back problems because of accutane?!? and joints getting stiff.. Sometimes the side effects won't show up in the first couple years of usage so think very well about what you're doing.
  8. Yes there can be a connection. Whey protein is a milk protein so too much of it will give you acne if you're sensitive to dairy. Not only that but when you're taking a given supplement you should drink much more water than normal. I'm not sure about steroids, never tried myself but there's a whole community out there that think they're pretty safe IF done correctly. I think it has a lot more to do with the way they're taken than anything else, but obviously if you abuse them the possible side e
  9. To anyone who's thinking about trying this method I'd advise to apply the H&S to just one area of the body and see how it reacts. This didn't work for me at all on the contrary it made my back acne worse and I made the mistake of applying it all over my back.
  10. H&S doesn't seem to be working for me Actually I got new pimples and white heads(which I didn't in a while) in my shoulders and back.
  11. SA didn't really work for me, it actually made me breakout.
  12. Personally I think you should really try all the natural methods out there(if you haven't already) before BP. 2.5% can't be that strong but I've been using 10% for a while and it makes my skin look red and unhealthy sometimes. Still I can guarantee that as far as acne is concerned it works good at preventing it.
  13. I've been using BP 10% strenght for about 2 years, started with moderate acne. Now even though It decreased my acne considerably I still get it from time to time and my skin doesn't look very healthy not to mention it gets very oily just 2 hours after washing it and sometimes I feel that I can't even touch my skin or else I'll get a new pimple.. I'm looking for other products, they don't need to be as effective as BP but effective enough at clearing acne while keeping the skin healthy looking a
  14. You need to use a mosturizer after applying the BP. The initial dryness kinda goes away after a while but depending on the BP strenght I think the face might look "tanned" sometimes even after a while on the stuff. Personally I wish I tried something else first before BP because like I said the face might look sorta tanned or red and since you don't put BP over your eyes(pls don't!) the skin will look whiter in the eye area.
  15. I've been using it for over an year and so far it's been doing what it's supposed to but even though it doesn't make my skin burn that much anymore while and after washing, my skin stills looks weird and redish sometimes, kind of an unnatural tone so I was wondering, what's out there besides BP?(salycilic doesn't work very well for me btw), preferably stuff that doesn't require a prescription.. thanks.