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  1. Thanks BA, always great answers. I'll do that.
  2. My bad, should have made my own thread. Thanks for the information. It's strange how he said that a field subcision is a one time procedure that lasts forever if he's not using filler. This may seem absolutely stupid of me but the only reason I don't want filler is because I have some military training to do this summer and I wonder if the CS (tear) gas would somehow chemically react with the filler and affect my face. I feel stupid for even thinking of that but well, I am a hypochond
  3. I also visited Novick and have an appointment with him soon. I'm wondering, he mentioned that he does 2 different subcsions. The first type of subcision is called a "field subcision" and the second type is just an individual subcision. He didn't mention anything about using fillers for the field subcision (across the area of the cheeks mostly) and said that it's a one time procedure which lasts forever. I don't want to use any fillers so I'm wondering, does a field subcision include a filler or
  4. Smed99

    Dating and acne scars.....

    I think it's worse for guys with severe acne scaring. You can always makeupmaxxx and I, as a guy, genuinely wouldn't care if a girl had acne. But that's probably only because I had severe acne in the past and severe scaring currently.
  5. Hey, I'd like to first start out by saying that I'm really not trying to complain or make it seem as if my situation is something to complain about, I’m just giving my story because I feel like I need to vent. At this stage in my life, I’m 18 and getting ready to go to college next year. For the past 2 years, I’ve done nothing substantial outside of going to school and going to the gym. This year, I didn't even go to public school but was homeschooled instead because my cystic acne got so horrib
  6. Smed99

    constipation and accutane?

    Thank you guys for your lengthy/informative responses, it's much appreciated. I'm getting a weird mix of dark pellet sized stools and normal stools, it's odd. Hopefully I'll be able to cure myself by following your insights. Thanks again.
  7. Smed99

    constipation and accutane?

    Thank you for the response, I really appreciate it. I went off of the medicine 3 days ago (and will never be going back on), my bowel movements are back to normal (stool wise), however, Im still left with a slight urge to defecate after having a bowel movement. I also have pain when I press down hard on specific parts of my abdomen (it may gass but idk). I started intaking very high amounts of probiotics and eating a bunch of vegetables/fruits to hopefully reverse this like last time. The main
  8. Smed99

    constipation and accutane?

    Hey Catalyst123, it really seems as if you know what you're talking about in regards to digestive health. I need some advice and I would really appreciate it from you, thanks. I was on Doxycycline from 15-17 (on and off) for acne treatment. I went on Accutane around 9 months ago and started getting some of the symptoms you've described about 3 months into the course. My intestines felt restricted and my poop was black and pellet sized. I stopped the medicine and went to my gastroenterologist.