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  1. did you ringing go away ?

    I had minocycline for 1 month and 10 days (100mg twice a day)  and I felt the ringing in my ear then I stopped right away. The ringing was like motor sound in the beginning.  It reduces a lot over these four weeks but I can still hear a little bit now. During the fourth week the sound was like 'si si si si'. Its been four week since I stopped the medicine.

    I am so worried if it wont go away.
  2. Hey everybody. The past couple of weeks I have been taken the following with good results: 1 capsule of cod liver oil a day containing 1250 I.U. of vitamin A and 130 I.U. of vitamin D 30 mg of zinc with 2 mg of copper 1000 mg of vitamin c 500 mg of evening primrose oil 4 pills of 315mg green tea exract also drinking 2-4 tsp. of ACV I also don't eat red meat or dairy and drink a lot of water, but I've been doing this for a while. So far this has worked really well. Whiteheads (which are my
  3. my acne returned about a 7-8 weeks afterwards and has been the same since.
  4. Could you tell me if your dad and mom had acne when they were your age? I think my dad had acne at my age. I've never really asked him but he has scarring now at the age of 50 something. Just looking at him, it seems that he had cystic acne but he has no problems with breakouts now. Luckily, he is dark (Filipino) so you can't really notice the scarring very much. They just kinda look like normal wrinkles that come with age. My mom did not have acne and there is no history of it on her side
  5. hey, i've been taking the acv (only 4 teaspoons a day) for about three days now. so far i haven't noticed much of a difference. i have very oily skin, but only whiteheads around my mouth and nose area. i have small blackheads on my nose but they aren't very noticeable. the rest of my skin is not that bad, except that my pores are huge and my skin is slightly red. would the acv help with my type of acne?
  6. i have a little bit of hair on my upper cheek bones, but definitely not enough to start shaving there. i don't have any acne on that part of my face. regardless of the acne, i wouldn't start to shave it because it will start to grow thicker and more often.
  7. in n' out 3x3 with grilled onions and animal fries big dr. pepper top it off with some ice cream
  8. also, is it okay to take this with fish oil and green tea extracts? i take both of those four times daily. would it still be beneficial to take these while using acv?
  9. i live in southern california but i can only find this in the pill form. does anybody know where i can find this?
  10. hey, i just started taking minocycline this week, after taking it three years ago. has anybody else had ringing in the ears due to minocycline? i'm wondering if i should keep taking it...
  11. i've been off accutane for 8 months. my skin was great when i was on it but my acne came back about 3 weeks ago.
  12. Hey, I finished accutane almost 8 weeks ago. Since then my acne has come back and my derm has put me on aveta cream. I also received minocycline but from a different doctor since I'm in a different area now. I told him i was on accutane 8 weeks ago but doctors never seem to listen or care anymore. I'm assuming it's safe to take the minocycline now?
  13. is it a good idea to take these at the same time? i found a product that contains both of these two. would it be effective?